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  O Sanctissima
Solo by Benedict Philipp


Music by Robert Prizeman (MCPS)

Words trad.

O Sanctissima, O piissima,   O most holy, O most dutiful
dulcis virgo Maria               Sweet virgin Mary
Mater amata, intemerata     Mother beloved and undefiled,
Ora pro nobis                    Pray for us.

Virgo respice, Mater adspice,  Watch over us, Maiden, look after us, Mother,
audi nos, O Maria            Hear us, Mary –
Sicut liliam inter spinas     As a lily among thorns
Sic Maria inter filias         So is Mary among women.

Jubilate Cherubim            Be joyful, Cherubim,
Exsultate Seraphim,         Rejoice, Seraphim,
Consonate perpitim          Sing out for ever.
Salve, Salve regina          Hail, hail queen,

Sancta Maria Mater Dei     Holy Mary, Mother of God.


Latin translation by Ed.

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