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  The Abbey School Choir, Tewkesbury  
  The Choir of All Saint's Parish Church, Maidstone    All Saint's Parish Church, Maidstone
  The Choir of All Saints Margaret Street   The Choir of All Saints Margaret Street
  The Choir of All Saints' Church, Northampton   Choir of All Saints' Church
  All Saints' Parish Church Choir of Men and Boys, Peterborough   All Saints' Parish Church
  All Saints' Parish Church Choir, Hertford   All Saints's web site
  The Boys of Ampleforth College (Schola Cantorum)   Schola Cantorum of Ampleforth College
  The Choristers of Bath Abbey   Bath Abbey Choirs
  Birkenhead School Chapel Choir   Birkenhead School Chapel
  Birmingham Cathedral Choir   Chameleon Arts Management Profile
  Bishop Wordsworth's School Choir, Salisbury   Bishop Wordsworth's School Choir
  Blackburn Cathedral Choir   Blackburn Cathedral
  The Chapel Choir of the Blue Coat School Birmingham   Blue Coat School Birmingham
  Boys Air Choir   Victor Entertainment
  The Bradford Choristers  
  Bramdean Boys' Choir, Exeter   Bramdean School
  Brentwood Cathedral Choir   Brentwood Cathedral Choir
  Bristol Cathedral Choir   Bristol Cathedral Choir
  The Bromley Boy Singers   The Bromley Boy Singers
  Broughton Choir, Preston   Broughton Choir, North Preston
  Buckfast Abbey Choir  
  Cambridgeshire Boys' Choir   Cambridgeshire Boys' Choir
  Cantate Boys' Choir  
  Canterbury Cathedral Choir   Canterbury Cathedral Choir
  Carlisle Cathedral Choir   Carlisle Cathedral Choir
  Chapel Choir Of Royal Wanstead School  
  The Choir of the Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace   Hampton Court Palace
  The Choir of Her Majesty's Chapel Royal, St. James Palace   The Chapel Royal Choir
  Chelmsford Cathedral Choir   Chelmsford Cathedral Choir
  Chester Cathedral Choir   Chester Cathedral Choir
  Chetham's Hospital Boys' Choir  
  Chichester Cathedral Choir  
  The Boys and Men of Chingford Parish Church Choir   Chingford Parish Church Choir
  Choir of Holy Trinity Church, Cookham   Music page of the church's website
  Christ Church Cathedral School Choir   Christ Church Cathedral School
  Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford   Christ Church Cathedral Choir
  Christchurch Priory Choir of Men and Boys   The Priory Choir
  City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Boys Choir (CBSO Boys Choir)   CBSO Boys Choir
  The Clifton Lodge Choristers   Clifton Lodge Choristers
  Close harmony  
  Choir of Colston's Preparatory School, Bristol  
  The Choir of Holy Trinity Church, Cookham   Holy Trinity Cookham
  Cornwall Boys' Choir   Cornwall Boys' Choir
  Cornwall Festival Boys' Choir   Cornwall International Male Voice Choral Festival
  Corpus Christi Boys' Choir (Bournemouth, England)   Corpus Christi Boys' Choir
  Coventry Cathedral Choir   Coventry Cathedral Choirs
  Crosfields School Boys' Choir   Crosfields School
  Derby Cathedral Choir   Derby Cathedral
  Choir of the Downs School, Colwall   The Downs School, Colwall
  Monks and Choirboys of Downside Abbey (Downside Abbey Schola Cantorum)   Downside Abbey and School
  Downside School Boys' Choir, Purley  
  Dulwich College Chapel Choir   Dulwich College Chapel Choir
  Durham Cathedral Choir   Durham Cathedral Choir
  Ealing Abbey Choir  
  Edington Music Festival Choir Nave Choir   Edington Music Festival Official Site
  Ely Cathedral Choir   Ely Cathedral Choir
  Emanuel School Boys Chorus  
  Eton College Chapel Choir   Eton College
  The Choir of Exeter Cathedral   The Choir of Exeter Cathedral
  The Choir of Exeter College, Oxford   Exeter College Choir
  Farnborough Abbey Choir (The Choir and Monks of Farnborough Abbey)  
  Farnham Junior Boys' Choir   Farnham Junior Boys' Choir
  Ben German  
  Gloucester Cathedral Choir   Gloucester Cathedral Music
  The Choir of Great St Mary's Church, Cambridge  
  Grimsby Parish Church Choir  
  Guildford Cathedral Choir   Guildford Cathedral Choir
  Haberdashers Aske's School Choir   Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School
  Hampstead Parish Church Boys' Choir  
  Harrow School Choir   Harrow School Music
  Hereford Cathedral Choir   Hereford Cathedral Choir
  The Choir of Hexam Abbey   Choir of Hexam Abbey
  Holy Trinity Church Choir, Southport   Official Homepage
  The Chapel Choir of Jesus College, Cambridge   Chapel Choir of Jesus College
  Kendal Parish Church Choir of Boys and Men  
  King Edward VI School Choir, Southampton  
  King's College Choir, Cambridge   Choir of King's College
  King's College Choir, Wimbledon  
  Choir of Kingston Parish Church   Choir of Kingston Parish
  Lancaster Priory Gentlemen & Boys' Choir   Lancaster Priory Choirs
  Leeds Parish Church Choir   Leeds Parish Church Choir
  Leicester Cathedral Choir   Leicester Cathedral Choir
  Libera / Angel Voices (St. Philip's Boys' Choir)   Libera
  Lichfield Cathedral Choir   Lichfield Cathedral Choir
  Lincoln Cathedral Choir   Lincoln Cathedral
  Liverpool Cathedral Choir   Liverpool Cathedral Choir
  Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Choir   Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Choir
  London Boy Singers (Finchley Boys' Choir)   London Boy Singers Association
  London Oratory School Schola   The London Oratory School Schola
  The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford   Magdalen College Chapel
  Malvern College Choir  
  Manchester Boys Choir   Manchester Boys Choir
  Daniel Mansfield (Daniel Mansfield)  
  The Chapel Choir of Marlborough College  
  Medway Boys' Choir  
  Midland Boy Singers  
  Morriston Boys' Choir  
  Mount House School Boys' Chapel Choir  
  The Choir of New College, Oxford   The Choir of New College Oxford
  Newcastle Cathedral Choir  
  Norwich Cathedral Choir   Norwich School Choir
  The Nottingham Boys Choir   The Nottingham Boys' Choir
  Orpheus Boys Choir  
  Peterborough Cathedral Choir   Peterborough Cathedral
  Platinum Boys Choir   Platinum Boys Choir
  Portsmouth Cathedral Choir   Portsmouth Cathedral Choir
  The Choir of the Queen's Chapel of the Savoy  
  Reigate St Mary's School Choir   Reigate St Mary's School Choir
  Ripon Cathedral Choir (Boy Choristers of Ripon Cathedral)   Ripon Cathedral Choir
  Rochdale Boys Choir   Rochdale Boys Choir
  The Choir of Rochester Cathedral   Rochester Cathedral Choirs
  The Choir of Romsey Abbey   The Choir of Romsey Abbey
  Salisbury Cathedral Choir (Boy Choristers of Salisbury Cathedral)   Salisbury Cathedral Choir
  Schola Cantorum of the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School   Schola Cantorum
  The Choir of Seaford College Chapel   Seaford College, the Chapel Choir
  Sheffield Cathedral Choir   Sheffield Cathedral Choir
  Sherborne Abbey Choir   Sherborne Abbey Choir
  Southend Boys Choir   Official Homepage of the choir
  The Choir of Southwark Cathedral  
  Southwell Minster Choir   Southwell Minster Choir
  The Choir of Spalding Parish Church  
  Choir of St James's Church, Aston  
  St Joseph's College Chapel Choir, Ipswich   St. Joseph's College, Ipswich
  St Mary's Hall Stonyhurst  
  St Thomas of Canterbury's Parish Choir, Brentwood  
  St. Alban's Cathedral Choir (St Albans Abbey Choir)   Cathedral and Abbey Church of Saint Alban
  St. Alphege Church Choir   Music at St. Alphege
  St. Andrew's Church Choir Kingsbury  
  St. Barnabas Choir, Dulwich  
  The Choir of St. Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham   Birmingham Diocese
  St. Clement Danes School Choir  
  St. Edmund's Chapel Choir   St Edmund's School Chapel Choir
  St. Edmundsbury Cathedral Choir   St Edmundsbury Cathedral
  St. Francis Xavier Boys' Choir, Liverpool   St. Francis Xavier Boys' Choir
  St. George's Cathedral Choir, Southwark   St. George's Cathedral Choir
  The Choir of St. George's Chapel, Windsor   St. George's Chapel Choir, Windsor
  The Choir of St. George's Church, Netherfield   St. George's Church, Netherfield
  St. George's College Choir, Weybridge  
  St. Giles' Church Choir   St. Giles' Choir
  St. James Grimsby Boys Choir  
  Choir of St. James the Greater, Leicester   St James the Greater, Leicester
  The Men and Boys Choir of St. James' Parish Church, Louth   Men and Boys Choir of St. James' Parish Church, Louth
  Choir of St. John's College, Cambridge (St. John's College Choir, Cambridge)   Choir of St. John's College, Cambridge
  St. John's Parish Choir, Ranmoor, Sheffield   St. John's Parish Choir, Ranmoor
  The Choir of St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol   St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol
  Choir of St. Mary Warwick   St. Mary's Warwick
  St. Mary's Boys' Choir   St. Mary's Boys' Choir
  St. Mary's Boys' Choir, Beddington   The Choir at St. Mary's, Beddington
  The Choir of St. Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich   St Mary-le-Tower Web Site
  St. Mary-of-the-Angels Song School  
  St. Michael's College Choir, Tenbury  
  The Choir of St. Nicholas' College, Chislehurst  
  St. Paul's Cathedral Choir, London   St. Paul's Cathedral Choir
  St. Peter's Church Boys' Choir, Bournemouth   St Peter's Church Boys Choir
  St. Peter's Church, St Albans   St. Peter's Church Choir, St Albans
  St. Peter's Collegiate Church Choir Wolverhampton (The Choir of the Collegiate Church of St Peter, Wolverhampton)  
  St. Peter's Men and Boys' Choir, Prestbury, Cheshire  
  Choir of St. Peter's, Bocking   Choir of St. Peter's, Bocking
  St. Teresa's Pueri Cantores   St. Teresa's Pueri Cantores
  Robert Stringer  
  James Swash  
  Temple Church Choir   The Temple Church Choir
  Tetbury Parish Church Choir  
  Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum   Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum
  Tiffin School Boys Choir (Tiffin School Boys Chorus)   Tiffin School Boys Choir
  Trinity Boys Choir, Croydon   Trinity Boys Choir
  Trinity College Chapel Choir   Trinity College Chapel Choir
  Truro Cathedral Choir   Truro Cathedral Choir
  Wakefield Cathedral Choir   Wakefield Cathedral Choir
  Wandsworth School Boys' Choir  
  Jonty Ward  
  Warwickshire County Choristers and County Boys   Warwickshire Choristers
  Wells Cathedral Choir   Wells Cathedral Choir
  Wenhaston Boy's Choir  
  Westhaston Boys' Choir  
  The Westminster Abbey Choir   Westminster Abbey
  Westminster Cathedral Choir   Westminster Cathedral Choir School
  The Boys Choir of Widford Lodge Preparatory School  
  Winchester Cathedral Choir   Winchester Cathedral Choir
  Winchester College Quiristers (Winchester College Chapel Choir)   Winchester College Music
  Worcester Cathedral Choir   Worcester Cathedral Choir
  Worcester Cathedral Voluntary Choir   The Worcester Cathedral Voluntary Choir Website
  Worcester College Chapel Choir   Worcester College Chapel Choir
  Choir of York Minster   Choir of York Minster

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