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 Boy Sopranos - Pop Singles featuring a Treble Soloist
Dead Can Dance - De Profundis ( )
From the album Spleen and Ideal (pictured)
Treble Soloist: Andrew Hutton

A profoundly dark album, and Dead Can Dance plunge their listeners straight into the depths with 'De Profundis' which features hauntingly beautiful and chilling vocals by Lisa Gerrard and boy soprano Andrew Hutton. The darkness prevails on the first three tracks of this album 'De Profundis', 'Ascension' and 'Circumradiant Dawn' in which Lisa Gerrard's amazing vocals are heavily featured. Lightness and ethnic influences are provided by Ms. Gerrard's vocal acrobatics in 'Mesmerism [which possesses a wistful undercurrent] and 'Avatar'. Brendan Perry delivers his most powerful performances with 'The Cardinal Sin' and 'Enigma of the Absolute'. With its edgy, dark, uncompromising and majestic structures 'Spleen and Ideal' offers a truly memorable and haunting album.
Joe Jackson - Ever After (Virgin )
From the album Night Music (pictured)
Treble Soloist: Cameron Carpenter
Myst III: Exile - Main Theme (Mercury/Polygram 528 230-2)
From the main theme of the popular video adventure game and soundtrack
Treble Soloist: Timothy Washburn

Mike Oldfield - Pictures in the Dark (12"/45 rpm 1985 Virgin Records Ltd. VS 83612) 1985
Pictures In The Dark is sung by Anita Hegerland, Barry Palmer & Aled Jones.

7": 1985 UK (Virgin VS 836)
7": 1985 Germany (Virgin 107 850-100)
7": 1985 Spain(Virgin [Spain] A107850)
4:18 Pictures In The Dark (7" version)

12": 1985 UK (Virgin VS 836-12)
7": 1985 Germany (Virgin 602 070-213) [omits Legend]
12": 1985 CN (Virgin VSX-1299)
5:54 Pictures In The Dark
Cliff Richard- Mistletoe and Wine (EMI 12EM 78) 1988
The 3-track single version is pictured. The full length album also contains this track. James sings toward the end of the song.
Treble Soloist: James Rainbird
Secret Garden - Sigma (Mercury/Polygram 528 230-2)
From the album Songs From a Secret Garden (pictured)
Treble Soloist: Rhonan Sugrue with the Irish National Chamber Choir

Listen to the MP3 (3,000k)
Michael W. Smith - All Is Well (reunion music 701 005 2727) 1989
From the Christmas album (pictured)
Treble Soloist: Nathan Wadley
U2 - Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle of Milk/Korova 1 (Island 422-868-885)
Was once available only on the B-Side of The Fly single (pictured). Later re-released on the Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack.
Treble Soloists: Noel and Jerry O'Gorman

Popular mainstream recordings the utilize a boys choir.
Alice Cooper - King of the Silver Screen 1977
(From the album Lace and Whiskey) (Warner Bros BSK 3027) Performed by the California Boys Choir

Angel - The Winter Song 1977
(From the album White Hot) (Casablanca NBLP 7085)
Performed by the California Boys Choir
Bruce Johnston - I Write the Songs (Columbia 34459) 1977
(From the album Going Public)
Performed by the California Boys Choir
Mike + The Mechanics - Living Years ( )
Performed by the Unknown Boys Choir. Choir makes appearance in Music Video
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall (Columbia C2K 36183)
(From the album The Wall)
Performed by the Islington Green School Fourth Grade Class with Pink Floyd
Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion (Warner/Elektra 12" Single 0-66790)
(From the album Neon Dream)
Michael W. Smith - Agnus Dei (From the album Go West Young Man)
Performed by the American Boychoir
Michael W. Smith - Lux Venit (reunion music 701 005 2727, 1989)
(From the Christmas album)
Performed by the American Boychoir
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