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1969, 1975 & 1988 : 2 et 2 font... 5
2 et 2 font... 5 (Signe de piste 1969 )

Featuring Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois  

Philippe a 14 ans. Il se débrouille seul. Marc et Jean ont sensiblement le même âge. Ils sont Chanteurs et voyagent beaucoup avec "La Mané" des "Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois" à travers le monde.
Tous les trois vont se rencontrer dans un train et découvrir l'Amitié, la vraie, celle qui ne pose pas de questions et qui ne cherche pas à changer l'autre.
Mais cette rencontre va aussi sauver trois vies, permettre à des millions de personnes de ne pas mourir de faim …

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Ah ! Quelle tournée !
Ah ! Quelle tournée ! (P. Téqui 2001 )

Featuring Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois  
Auteur : Jean Rolland :
Jérôme Le Dantec 13 ans est chanteur alto à "La Mané" des "Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois". Pourquoi a t-il laissé monter Alban Simeoni dans le car de la "la mané" ?
Drôle d’idée, non? Imprudence, en tout cas, et qui va lui valoir par la suite bien des émotions. En route pour l’aventure! Le car va démarrer...

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Black Seraphim, The (Hodder & Stoughton General 1983 ISBN: 034033715X )

by Michael Gilbert. A crime story from an English cathedral.

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Cathedral Wednesday (Oxford University Press 1960 )

by William Mayne. The third in the famous choir school series by this author.

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Children of the Chapel: A Tale (Ohio UP ISBN: 0821406310 )

by Mary Gordon, Algernon Charles Swinburne, Robert E Lougy (Editor). A historical novel from Elizabethan England, featuring famous composers as boys.

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Choir, The ( 2004 ISBN: 1418405124 )

by Terry Slade. Feeling that his parents have abandoned him in a Vermont boarding and choir school, fourteen-year-old Chip turns to a new student, a younger boy from Britain with the voice of an angel, to fill the gnawing loneliness within him. As their friendship develops, they must each deal with a terrible secret that each harbors; a secret that threatens not only to tear them apart from each other, but to destroy them as well.

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Choir, The (Berkeley Publishing Group )

by Joanna Trollope. Paperback, 320 pages. A confrontation between the Dean of Aldminster Cathedral and the headmaster of the Choir School involves the necessity to sacrifice the school in order to restore the cathedral, and results in community-wide rifts. (The TV Movie featured Anthony Way)

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Choristers' Cake (Oxford University Press 1956 ISBN: 0192710257 )

by William Mayne. William Mayne spent his boyhood at the choir school attached to Canterbury Cathedral and his experiences there contributed to his early books, Choristers' Cake and A Swarm in May. This is the second in his famous choir school series.

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Close Quarters (Hodder & Stoughton 1947 ISBN: 086220805X )

by Michael Gilbert. When two separate murders occur in an English cathedral, investigations suggest that someone directly connected to the cathedral is responsible. Reprinted by Chivers Press.

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Company of Fools ( )

by Deborah Ellis.

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Cry to Heaven ( )

by Anne Rice. Tonio, a boy in one of 18th-century Venice's top aristocratic families and heir apparent to the fortune, has a superb voice, great musical talent, and loves singing above all else. A scheming relative has him abducted, castrated, and handed over to Guido, a young teacher from the Naples conservatory in search of promising students. Guido, himself a castrato and also a brilliant composer, knows that Tonio has the voice of his dreams, with superstar potential; but Tonio, horrified at what has happened to him, refuses for awhile to sing again. This is one of the author's earliest novels, carefully researched for authentic musical and period details. It would be suitable only for the most mature boys of chorister age but is a marvelous read for adults.

DragonDrums ( )

by Anne McCaffrey. When his boy soprano voice begins to change, Piemur is drafted by Masterharper Robinton to help with political work and is sent on missions that lead him into unusual and sometimes dangerous adventures.

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Embrace (Abacus 2001 ISBN: 0349113009 )

by Mark Behr. The awakening of a 13-year-old student at the Berg, an exclusive academy for boys in 1970s South Africa. The events of Karl's school-life are interwoven with memories from his childhood and first years at the Berg, as he falls in love with both his best friend and his choirmaster.

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For the King (LUX VENTUS 2012 )

A historical children's novel by Matthew Todd set in medieval England around the time of the Battle of Evesham.
Young Justin Williams, chorister at Worcester Cathedral during an uncertain time takes the reader on a journey laden with issues such as music, religion, justice, war. Through the eyes of Justin growing up spiritually and physically to mature as a young man taking up the sword to defend his king the reader can almost partake in the historic events the author revitalised so vividly.

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Review at  Review by Dr Keith White

Imps and Angels (Frederick Warne and Co. 1958 )

by Jane Gilbert. 185 pages, illus. 8vo. Story about a pupil in Lincoln Cathedral Choir school in the 13th Century.

Available at  Amazon UK

Joselito Detective ( )

Featuring Joselito  

Joselito estudiante ( )

Featuring Joselito  

Joselito y el barco pirata (de la coleccion historias )

Featuring Joselito  

Junglehrer vom Knabenchor, Der ( )

Eine ganz altmodische Geschichte by Dieter Müller. When a young teacher falls in love with the sister of his problem pupil, parents and colleagues come into conflict. Set in a school of a famous Saxonian boy choir between 1948 and 1953.

Available at  Amazon.de

La vacaciones de Joselito ( )

Featuring Joselito  

Lantern Bearers , The (Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd 2001 ISBN: 0715631330 )

by Ronald Frame. Sent away from home for the first time, 14-year-old Neil Pritchard spends the long summer of 1962 with his Aunt Nessie in claustrophobic Auchendrennan on the Solway Firth. Eager for a pastime, Neil sings for Euan Bone, a young Scottish composer whose star is rising fast. Becoming Bone's muse, the afternoons spent at the composer's home turn into the blissful focus of his adolescent dreams. Suddenly, however, Neil is expelled from his Eden - with devastating consequences for all.

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Last Castrato, The (I.M. Wolf )

By J. Wolf Sanchez. In the late 1500's, two fraternal twins are castrated against their will at a pre-pubescent age to preserve their angelic voices. One grows up to be a famous castrato, while the other lives, tormented.

Available at  I.M.Wolf

1953 Les Moineaux de Paris
Les Moineaux de Paris (MAME 1952 )

Featuring Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois  
Le roman du film, "Moineaux de Paris" de Maurice Cloche.
Jeannot est chanteur à "La Mané" des "Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois".
Alors qu'un voyage en Amérique est prévu pour la chorale, l'impresario du voyage est une riche Etasunienne.
Jeannot voit alors l'Américaine porter un médaillon qu'il reconnaît comme ayant été volé à sa famille pendant la guerre.

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Monster Unto Many, A (Frederick Muller 1980 ISBN: 0584310943 )

by Peter Giles. A Cathedral Lay Vicar is terrifyingly haunted by a young boy while on holiday with his family on the Isle of Wight.

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Oswald the Owl (London: Sinclair-Stevenson 1990 )

by Patrick Garland. Illustrated by Nicola Green. Oswald the owl takes up residence in Chichester Cathedral to the delight of the choir boys and dismay of the clergy.

Available at  Abe Books

Peter - The Adventures of a Chorister over a Thousand Years (London (SPCK) 1963 )

by Sidney H. Nicholson. An imaginative fictional biography of a young boy who undergoes a succession of lives as a chorister in each of the eight centuries between 1137 and 1937. First published in 1944 and many times reprinted. (x, 210 pages 8vo) In a series of short stories the chorister of the title relates what it was like to sing in the English monasteries, cathedrals and parish churches at significant periods of history. Starting in a monastery he progresses through being a Boy Bishop in the 14th century, singing for Queen Elizabeth I under Marbeck and Farrant, the desecration of cathedrals by the Puritans, the Restoration of the 1660s, singing the "Messiah" solos under Handel in 1751, the revival of the parish boy choir in the 1840s and participating in the Coronation of George VI in 1937. This book will give modern choristers an idea of the long tradition to which they belong and may be read profitably by adults who are young at heart and know the author's earlier work "Quires and Places where they Sing", which covers the same ground in more scholarly terms. BJP

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Rodolphe et Berlingot (Robert Laffont, éditeur 1976 ISBN: 2221031466 )

Featuring Rodolphe  
Auteur : MAZIERE FRANCIS Un grand album pour enfants.

Romance of a Choir Boy , The (privately printed London 1916 )

by John Gambril Nicholson (pp. 280). The novel (written 1896-1905) is set mainly in 1902 and tells the story of an Anglican curate, Philip Luard (a self-portrait of Nicholson, according to Timothy D'Arch Smith), who arranges for a talented rural choir-boy called Teddy Faircloth, to be properly educated and trained in singing, and who eventually sings as solo treble in St Paul's Cathedral. Luard finds himself falling in love with the boy and struggles to keep his feelings on a purely spiritual basis.

Sandel (Hutchinson 1968 )

by Angus Stewart. Antony Sandel, a 13-year-old orphan, is Head Chorister in a fictional Oxford Choir School in the 1960s and his voice is at its peak. A possessive and highly emotional friendship develops between him and David Rogers, a 19-year-old university undergraduate. Their sexual relationship flourishes as his voice develops.

Available at  Amazon UK

Shadow Run (Andre Deutsch Ltd 1989 ISBN: 0233980210 )

by Desmond Lowden. A crime story based in an English choir school.

Available at  Amazon UK

Swarm in May, A (Oxford University Press 1955 )

Featuring Milo Twomey  
A by William Mayne. William Mayne spent his boyhood at the choir school attached to Canterbury Cathedral and his experiences there contributed to his early books, Choristers' Cake and A Swarm in May. Film version is available on DVD with Milo Twomey
Fr: William Mayne a passé son enfance à l'école de chant de la cathédrale de Canterbury, "A Swarm in May" est tiré de son expérience. Une version cinéma à été réalisé avec le jeune "Milo Twomey" dans le rôle de "William Mayne"
Film version is available on DVD.

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Tears of the Salamander, The (Wendy Lamb Books 2003 ISBN: 0385730985 )

by Peter Dickinson. The protagonist is a boy named Alfredo who lives in Italy in, roughly, the 18th century. When his singing voice is discovered, he is summoned into the cathedral choir where he has the time of his life singing glorious music. Then, after his family has just perished in a mysterious fire, his uncle whisks him off to his home on Mount Etna. Here Alfredo faces horrific challenges that require use of his musical talent but even more, require a good and discerning heart to meet those challenges and prevent an increase of a terrible evil.

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Una aventura de Joselito (1962 Prim )

Featuring Joselito  
Primera Ediccion 1962.

Voices of Danger (Methuen Young Books 1990 ISBN: 0416095623 )

by Alick Rowe. A story which follows two 16-year-old choristers who enlist despite being underage and are sent to the Somme. They survive a surprise German raid, but nothing can prepare them for what lies ahead in the trenches.

Available at  Amazon UK

Words and Music (Hamish Hamilton, London 1963 )

by William Mayne. Based on the Choir School of Canterbury Cathedral where he had been a chorister.

 May be available used at Amazon UK

Young Unicorns, The (New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux 1968 )

by Madeleine L'Engle. The life of a troubled ex-chorister of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York, who is struggling to step back from the brink of joining a gang, is changed when he befriends a twelve-year-old blind girl, child-prodigy piano student of the cathedral organist (now retired) under whom he'd served. Together with several other youngsters, they become embroiled in a strange and ominous mystery centered at the cathedral.

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