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  X!nk Rock Group 
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X!nk The four boys of Belgium's youngest punk rock band write their own songs, play their own instruments and represented their country at the 2003 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. They finished 6th with their song "De Vriendschapsband".

The band consists of two pairs of brothers, Jonas Meukens (b. 1989), Niels Meukens (b. 1991), Thomas Valkeniers (b. 1991) and Philip Valkeniers (b. 1993). 13-year-old Jonas is the lead singer.

In the following years X!nk continued with a very succesful carreer, issuing single after single. They were the youngest artists ever to perform on stage at Markrock, one of the most popular rock festivals in Belgium and obtained a very devoted and still growing fan base all across the world.

Over the years their sound has toughened and as the band members aged, it became a lot more 'punk'. But they never lost that distinctive 'X!nk sound'.

Four years after their victory in the very first Belgian Junior Eurosong preselections, X!nk was asked to return. This time not as contenders in the contest, but to compose the theme song.
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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
X!nk - Vergif
Vergif (EMI 0094634281928, CD) Oktober 2005
Featuring X!nk  
  1.   Different  
  2.   Hou Ons Niet Tegen  
  3.   Ongetiteld  
  4.   Do You Know I Need You  
  5.   Denk Aan Mij (L)  
  6.   Vergif  
  7.   Niemand  
  8.   De Andere Kant  
  9.   Just Me  
10.   Mijn Gevoel  
11.   Het Volkslied  
12.   Broken Promise  
13.   Go Away  
Available at   Proxis
Available at   Proxis.be
X!nk - X!nk
X!nk (EMI 0724386333025, CD) September 2004
Featuring X!nk  
  1.   Laat me vrij (L)  
  2.   I want Nothing  
  3.   School's Out  
  4.   Blitzkrieg Bop  
  5.   De vriendschapsband (L)  
  6.   Oh-ho (L)  
  7.   De bejaardenbond  
  8.   Sucks  
  9.   Sorry (L)  
10.   Weg met die viool  
11.   It's My own Life  
12.   Gek zijn  
Available at   Proxis
Singles Compact | Full
X!nk - Give Us A Future
Give Us A Future ( , CD Single) August 2007
Featuring X!nk  
Theme song for Junior Eurosong 2007.
X!nk - De Andere Kant
De Andere Kant (EMI 0094635604900, CD Single) Februar 2006
Featuring X!nk  
  1.   De Andere Kant  
Available at   Proxis
X!nk - Hou Ons Niet Tegen
Hou Ons Niet Tegen (EMI 0094634922227, CD Single) Dezember 2005
Featuring X!nk  
  1.   Hou Ons Niet Tegen  
Available at   Proxis
X!nk - Denk Aan Mij
Denk Aan Mij (Capitol EMI Belgium 0094633783225, CD Single) August 2005
Featuring X!nk  
  1.   Denk Aan Mij  
  2.   Denk Aan Mij (english version- "Light Of My Eyes")  
Available at   Proxis
  Videoclip (10Mb) Video clip "Denk Aan Mij"
X!nk - Sorry
Sorry (EMI , CD Single) November 2004
Featuring X!nk  
  1.   Sorry  
  2.   Sorry (Instrumental)  
Available at   Shop21.be
X!nk - Laat Me Vrij
Laat Me Vrij (EMI 0724386114921, CD Single) Juli 2004
Featuring X!nk  
from the film Garfield the Movie
  1.   Laat me vrij   radio edit
  2.   Laat me vrij   Instrumental
X!nk - School's Out
School's Out (EMI 0724354964220, CD Single) Juni 2004
Featuring X!nk  
Single was announced but never released.
Instead the band recorded the theme song for "Garfield - The Movie", which came out the next month.
  1.   school's out  
X!nk - OH HO
OH HO ( , CD Single) Februar 2004
Featuring X!nk  
  1.   Oh-ho!  
  2.   Oh-ho! (Instrumental)  
X!nk - De Vriendschapsband
De Vriendschapsband (EMI 0724355332721, CD Single) Oktober 2003
Featuring X!nk  
  1.   vriendschapsband  
  2.   vriendschapsband (instrumental)  
Other Recordings Compact | Full
X!nk - Junior Eurosong 2007 (Belgium)
Junior Eurosong 2007 (Belgium) (EMI , CD) September 2007
Featuring Junior Eurosong (Belgium)   Jasper   Mijn Broer en Ik   X!nk  
Official album of the Belgian preselections 2007. The first cd contains all the songs. The second cd contains the karaoke versions. X!nk, the winners of the very first edition back in 2003, composed this year's theme song
  1.   X!Nk - Give Us A Future (theme song)  
  2.   De Juffra'S - Te Schoon Voor U  
  3.   Mijn Broer En Ik - Knallen  
  4.   Bab - Laat Mij Gerust  
  5.   Swing - Het Is Nu Feest  
  6.   Trust - Anders  
  7.   Larissa - Blijf Bij Mij  
  8.   Jasper - Weekend  
  9.   Mona - Alleen  
10.   De Dalton Sisters - Verander De Wereld  
Available at   Proxis
X!nk - Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003 Copenhagen
Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003 Copenhagen (EMI 5920662, CD) Januar 2004
Featuring Junior Eurovision Song Contest   Bubu   Dzintars Cica   Dino   Roel Felius   Nicolas Ganopoulos   Tom Morley   Sergio   X!nk  
  1.   Junior Eurovision Theme  
  2.   Fili Gia Panta   Nicolas Ganopoulos [Greece]
  3.   Ti Si Moja Prva Ljubav   Dino [Croatia]
  4.   Efhi   Theodora Raftis [Cyprus]
  5.   Tantsui   Volha Satsuk & Katsiaryna Lipouskaya [Belarus]
  6.   Tu Esi Vasara   Dzintars Cica [Latvia]
  7.   Ti Ne Me Poznavas   Marija & Victorija [Macedonia]
  8.   Cos Mnie Nosi   Katarzyna Zurawik [Poland]
  9.   Sinnsykt Gal Forelsket (L)   2U [Norway]
10.   Desde El Cielo   Sergio [Spain]
11.   Tobele Sunt Viata Mea (L)   Bubu [Romania]
12.   De Vriendschapsband   X!nk [Belgium]
13.   My Song For The World   Tom Morley [United Kingdom]
14.   Arabiens Drom   Anne Gadegaard [Denmark]
15.   Stoppa Mig!   The Honeypies [Sweden]
16.   Like A Star   Sarah Harrison [Malta]
17.   Mijn Ogen Zeggen Alles   Roel Felius [Netherlands]
Available at   HMV UK
X!nk - Eurosong for Kids 2003 (Belgium)
Eurosong for Kids 2003 (Belgium) (EMI 0724359264325, CD) September 2003
Featuring Junior Eurosong (Belgium)   Martijn   Remi   Simon MC   X!nk  
CD of the Belgian preselections for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003.
  1.   EUROSONG FOR KIDS - wereld vol muziek (L)  
  2.   REMI - duizend dromen (L)  
  3.   TONYA - hé doe maar mee  
  4.   SIMON MC - rapklap (L)  
  5.   MARTIJN - ik word je popidool  
  6.   KIA - geen antwoord (L)  
  7.   CHARLOTTE - hey kids hier  
  8.   TWIN GIRLS - plezier voor twee  
  9.   JELLY PIE - groen  
10.   LAURA - wees zeker  
11.   X!NK - de vriendschapsband  
Available at   Proxis
X!nk - Eurosong for kids (2003) - Wereld vol muziek
Eurosong for kids (2003) - Wereld vol muziek ( , CD Single) August 2003
Featuring Junior Eurosong (Belgium)   Martijn   Remi   Simon MC   X!nk  
Belgian semifinalists for JESC 2003.
  1.   Wereld vol muziek (L)  
X!nk - Het Beste van Junior Eurosong
Het Beste van Junior Eurosong ( , CD)
Featuring Oliver   Thor!   X!nk  
Laura, Thor', Oliver, Trust, Xink.
Films and Videos Compact | Full
X!nk - Eurosong for Kids (2003)
Eurosong for Kids (2003) (EMI 0724359941592, DVD) Februar 2004
Featuring Junior Eurosong (Belgium)   Martijn   Remi   Simon MC   X!nk  
Double DVD featuring behind the scenes footage, biographical info and interviews with the ten finalists for the Belgian preselections. Also contains the complete videoclip of "De Vriendschapsband" by X!nk. The second disk contains the semi-finals and final where X!nk was selected for the 2003 JESC.
Available at   Proxis
X!nk - Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003 Copenhagen
Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2003 Copenhagen ( , DVD) 2003
Featuring Junior Eurovision Song Contest   Bubu   Dzintars Cica   Dino   Roel Felius   Nicolas Ganopoulos   Tom Morley   Sergio   X!nk  
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