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  Jackson Cook    (b. 15 März 1994) Celebrating 24 Years This Month Rock Soloist 
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Jackson Cook Born March 15, 1994, in Alberta, Canada. Jackson Cook started his music career in July of 2005, where he approached his mother and asked her if she could teach him a few chords so he could make music. With no formal music or vocal lessons Jackson began writing songs and learning to play his guitar. In little less than a year, he has crafted some very prolific and thought provoking songs. Many in the industry who have seen and heard Jackson play have already compared him to a young Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Neil Young.

In June, 2006 Jackson began recording his debut CD at Jungle Room Studios in Los Angeles, California under the guidance of world renowned producer Brian Reeves whose body of work includes such artists as Billy Idol, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, and U2.

Jackson has the canny ability and creative genius in composing anything from Pop to Rock tunes with the heart and feel of an old soul living in the mind and spirit of a young boy, 12 years old.
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Jackson Cook - Break Free
Break Free ( , CD) 2006
Featuring Jackson Cook  
  1.   Hey, George Bush!  
  2.   First Kiss  
  3.   I Know  
  4.   It's Not Like That  
  5.   Break Free  
  6.   Nick  
  7.   Oh No!  
  8.   I'm Sorry  
  9.   Pretty Girl  
10.   Why?  
Available at   CD Baby
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