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  Sofia Boys' Choir    (est. 1968) Classical Choir of Boys 
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Sofia Boys' Choir The Sofia boys choir is the first Bulgarian boys choir, founded in 1968. Since 1989 Adriana Blagoeva has been a conductor of the choir. She has graduated as choirmaster from the National Musical Academy in Sofia. Nowadays Adriana Blagoeva is an associate professor and teaches choir conducting at the National Musical Academy. Sofia boys choir has very active performing and recording schedule and wide range of repertoire - Bulgarian choral music, Orthodox and Catholic music, works of various styles from 14th century to our days, Bulgarian folklore, participations in musicals and operas etc. Nowadays the choir has 3 vocal formations - Children, Youth and Mixed. Sofia boys choir has won many awards at international choral competitions. To find more information, photos, songs - please visit our websites.
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Featuring Sofia Boys' Choir  
“Our Father” is the most important prayer in the Christian world. It is also called the Lord’s Prayer, as it was given by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The Lord’s Prayer contains all the basic moral principles of the Christian faith. It is thus naturally called the Short Gospel. “Our Father” is said during each church service, and every Christian is obliged to say it three times a day before meals. Many melodies have been created on the basis of this prayer and a lot of choral works have been written, which are performed not only during worship, but also at concert stages. They are in the repertoire of choirs with a continued interest in the Orthodox Church music. Some of these works are included in the program along with other chants, like “The Creed” (Symbol of the Credo) – another church text, which is important for the Christians and which contains the main truths of Christian faith.

Participating: Nicola Ghiuselev, Orlin Anastassov, staurophoros economos Mina Minchev, staurophoros economos Tosko Kazakin, Protodeacon Stefan Markov, Sofia Boys’ Choir conducted by Adriana Blagoeva, The Seven Saints Chamber Choir conducted by Dimitar Grigorov, Sofia Priest Choir conducted by Archpriest Kiril Popov, Sofia Orthodox Choir conducted by Miroslav Popsavov, Male Choir of Sveta Nedelya Cathedral – Sofia, conducted by Archpriest Kiril Popov

US release, May 14, 2013.
  1.   Otche nash (Our Father) – music Apostol Nikolaev-Stroumsky (1886-1971)  
  2.   Slava Ottsu (Glory to the Father) – music St. John Koukouzeles (1280?-1360)  
  3.   Otche nash (Our Father) – music Nikolai Kedrov (1871-1940)  
  4.   Edinorodniy Sine (O Only Begotten Son) – music Peter Dinev (1889-1980)  
  5.   Otche nash (Our Father) – music Peter Dinev (1889-1980)  
  6.   Blazhen muzh (Blessed Is the Man) – music Grigoriy Lyubimov (1882-1934)  
  7.   Heruvimska pesen (Cherubic Song, mode 5) – Bolgarskii rozpev  
  8.   Hvalite imya Gospodne (Praise Ye the Name of the Lord) – music Dobri Hristov (1875-1941)  
  9.   Veliko slavoslovie (Great Doxology) music Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)  
10.   Otche nash (Our Father) – music Dobri Hristov (1875-1941)  
11.   Suguba ektenia (Litany of Fervent Supplication) – music Alexander Grechaninov (1864-1956)  
12.   Veruyu (The Creed) – music Alexander Grechaninov (1864-1956)  
13.   Tebe poem (We Hymn Thee) – music Priest Vassiliy Zinoviev (1871-1925)  
14.   Otche nash (Our Father) – Eastern chant, mode 5, arr. by Archpriest Kiril Popov  
15.   Spasi Bozhe (O God, Save Thy People) – music Pavel Chesnokov (1877-1944)  
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Available at   shopbulgaria.com

Sofia Boys' Choir - Folk Impressions
Folk Impressions (Balkan Multimedia Centre BMC 20, CD) 2012
Featuring Sofia Boys' Choir  
This disk takes a special place among the diverse discography of the choir. It is the first album to include only folk songs created as arrangements on the basis of original folk melodies or choral arrangement of folk songs. The album includes some masterpieces from the genre, as well as some completely new works. Performed by all three concert formations of the choir - boys, youth and mixed one, the songs will bring great pleasure to the listener with their diversity and beauty.
Sofia Boys' Choir - Sounds and Colours
Sounds and Colours (Balkan Multimedia Centre MK 53381, CD) 2008
Featuring Sofia Boys' Choir  

This CD presents to the listener the variegated repertoire of the Youth Formation of the choir, conducted by associate professor Adriana Blagoeva. The CD includes Bulgarian and Russian Orthodox music, Bulgarian folklore songs, Catholic chants, classical choral pieces and further enrichs the choir's discography. The CD includes and some very popular and favourite choral works by Charles Gounod, Karl Maria von Weber, Orlando di Lasso, E. Lecuona's Malaguena.

Sofia Boys' Choir - Praise the Lord in Heavens
Praise the Lord in Heavens (Balkan Multimedia Centre , CD) 2007
Featuring Sofia Boys' Choir  

This third orthodox music CD was recorded in 2005 and published in 2008 for 40 years anniversary of the choir - 1968-2008. In it both the boys' and youths' formations perform. Most of the works are Bulgarian orthodox music composed by Dobri Hristov, Petar Dinev and old chants by anonymous authors. Some of the pieces are by Russian composers with significant contributions to Russian spiritual music. All presented works have an original beauty of the melody and a bright artistic impact. Some of them are unfamiliar to most people.

Sofia Boys' Choir - Christmas Songs
Christmas Songs (Balkan Multimedia Centre , CD) 2005
Featuring Sofia Boys' Choir  

Christmas songs of different nations, every song is presented in its original language. Along with several bulgarian christmas songs and world popular tunes, there are some relatively unknown, but very beautiful Christmas melodies. Live record at the traditional Christmas concert of the choir in the Concert Hall "Bulgaria", 2003.

Available at   BulgarianCDs
Sofia Boys' Choir - Orthodox Music
Orthodox Music (Bulgarian Music Company , CD) 2004
Featuring Sofia Boys' Choir  

Church-Slavonic sacred music.

Available at   Bulgarian CDs
Sofia Boys' Choir - Magnificat
Magnificat (Gega GD 242, CD) 2003
Featuring Sofia Boys' Choir  

This CD includes works from the late Baroque and early Classical periods - two popular choir works by Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (Ave Maria and Ave Verum corpus), two songs by one of Bach's sons - Johann Christian BACH (Gia la notte and Che ciascun per te sospiri), Magnificat by Simon BRIXI (a Czech composer who worked during the first half of the 18th century), and Deutsche Messe by Michael HAYDN (Joseph Haydn's brother, who dedicated himself exclusively to church music) - works for four voice choir SATB, Soprano and Tenor soloists, chamber orchestra and organ accompaniment.

Available at   BulgarianCDs
Available at   jpc.de
Sofia Boys' Choir - Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes
Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes (Gega GD 143, CD) 2000
Featuring Sofia Boys' Choir  

In its third CD the Sofia Boys’ Choir presents sacred music for choir and organ by Mozart (Ave Maria, Ave Verum Corpus), Gounod (Messe No4) and 9 works by Giuseppe Zelioli, an Italian composer and organ player (1880-1949), including the title song "Lauandate". The clear, bell-like voices of the boys (ages 7 to 15) make "Laudate" a treat throughout. The Sofia Boys' Choir has gained a reputation as one of the best in the world, and it is a reputation that is well deserved. They truly sing like angels!

Available at   jpc.de
Available at   Primarily A Capella
Available at   www.bulgariancds.com
Sofia Boys' Choir - Hosanna in Excelsis
Hosanna in Excelsis (Gega New GD 188, CD) 1998
Featuring Sofia Boys' Choir  

The works on this CD were composed by masters of Bulgarian and Russian church music. Most of the pieces feature Dobri Hristov and Peter Dinev, experienced connoisseurs and popularizers of the Bulgarian Orthodox music. Laments are a particular feature, some of which are anonymous. There are also various composer interpretations of one and the same liturgy.

Available at   BalkanFolk
Available at   Primarily A Capella
Available at   www.bulgariancds.com
Review at   www.choirbase.com
Sofia Boys' Choir - Britten & Pergolesi
Britten & Pergolesi (Gega GD 153, CD) 1994
Featuring Sofia Boys' Choir  

This CD contains two magnificent works - Britten's Missa Brevis and Pergolesi's Sabat Mater. The solo parts, performed by the famous opera singers Hristina Angelakova and Theodora Gabrovska are incorporated in the magnificent sounding of the children’s choir. Organ accompaniment - Atanas Atanassov, Conductor - Adriana Blagoeva.

Available at   jpc.de
Available at   www.bulgariancds.com
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