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  Connor Burrowes    (b. März 1983) Boy Soprano Soloist 
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Connor Burrowes Connor Burrowes was born in 1983 and is the eldest of five children. He is presently a Music Scholar at Charterhouse School in Surrey where, in addition to his singing, he is studying piano, clarinet and saxophone. Between 1991 and 1996, Connor was a chorister at St Paul's Cathedral, London and it was there that he blossomed musically, under the direction of the charismatic John Scott. In addition, for three years he sang with the prestigious King's Consort, directed by Robert King. As a soloist he encompassed a wide range of choral music, both in the Cathedral and on the concert platform.

His concert debut occurred at the London Spitalfields Festival when he was just 10 years 3 months old, in Purcell's Dido and Aeneas directed by Richard Hickox. Since then he has worked with many conductors and artists including Michael Tilson Thomas, Bryn Terfel and Marvin Hamlisch. During 1996, as this young artist reach his full maturity as a treble, he featured as a soloist on no less than eight recordings. More recently he has been involved in his school's many musical projects and has still found time to record and promote two solo CDs in Japan. -- Guild Music
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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Connor Burrowes - In Paradisum
In Paradisum (Victor Entertainment Japan VICP 62874, CD) Oktober 2004
Featuring Boys Air Choir   Connor Burrowes   Charlie Dalton   Harry Sever  
Connor Burrowes is the treble soloist on four tracks from recordings made in 1996 and an interesting baritone at other times. There is one solo track each by Harry Sever (Chorister of the Year) and Charlie Dalton. This was recorded in London with traditional instrumentation.
  1.   Introit et Kyrie (Requiem Op.48 (G.Faure))  
  2.   Offertoire (Requiem Op.48 (G.Faure))  
  3.   Sanctus (Requiem Op.48 (G.Faure))  
  4.   Pie Jesu (Requiem Op.48 (G.Faure))  
  5.   Agnus Dei (Requiem Op.48 (G.Faure))  
  6.   Libera Me (Requiem Op.48 (G.Faure))  
  7.   In Paradisum (Requiem Op.48 (G.Faure))  
  8.   Ave Verum Corpus K.618 (W.A.Mozart)  
  9.   In Paradisum (Connor Ver.)  
Available at   Amazon Japan
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  JVC Music Japan
Connor Burrowes - A Quiet Conscience: Songs From the 17th Century
A Quiet Conscience: Songs From the 17th Century (Guild GMCD 7150, CD) Dezember 1998
Featuring Connor Burrowes  
Early English sacred music
  1.   Miserere, My Maker  
  2.   Author Of Light  
  3.   Never Weather-Beaten Sail  
  4.   Fant in D  
  5.   O Lord, Thy Faithfulness And Praise  
  6.   If I Could Shut The Gate  
  7.   Wilt Thou Forgive The Sin Where I Begun?  
  8.   Alman  
  9.   Galliard  
10.   Upon A Quiet Conscience  
11.   A Hymn To God The Father  
12.   Blest Be Those Sweet Regions  
13.   O God Forever Blest  
14.   A Morning Hymn  
15.   Voluntary in G  
16.   An Evening Hymn  
17.   King Of All Joys  
18.   A Hymn On Divine Music  
19.   An Evening Hymn  
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Review at   Guildmusic Review, Contents and Words
Connor Burrowes - Menotti: Martin's Lie
Menotti: Martin's Lie (Chandos CHAN 9605, CD) April 1997
Featuring Connor Burrowes  
Gian Carlo Menotti's Church Opera
Connor Burrowes (Martin/Tr), Alan Opie (Stranger/Bar), Robin Leggate (Father Cornelius/T), Matthew Best (Sheriff/B), Pamela Helen Stephen (Naninga/MS), Judith Howarth (S), Tees Valley Boys Choir
  1.   Naninga 'So he touched the first door. . .'  
  2.   Fugitive 'Open, open!'  
  3.   Sheriff 'You filthy blackguards'  
  4.   Father Cornelius 'Martin, my boy. . .'  
  5.   Sheriff 'I've had enough of this'  
  6.   Naninga, Children & Father Cornelius 'Heavenly Father'  
  7.   Eternal Prisoner   Five Songs
  8.   The Idle Gift   Five Songs
  9.   The Longest Wait   Five Songs
10.   My Ghost   Five Songs
11.   The Swing   Five Songs
12.   Gli amanti impossibili   Canti della lontananza
13.   Mattinata di neve   Canti della lontananza
14.   Il settimo bicchiere di vino   Canti della lontananza
15.   Lo spetto   Canti della lontananza
16.   Dorme Pegaso   Canti della lontananza
17.   La lettera   Canti della lontananza
18.   Rassegnazione   Canti della lontananza
Available at   Crotchet UK
Connor Burrowes - Believe
Believe (Victor Entertainment Japan VICP-60144, CD) 1997
Featuring Boys Air Choir   Connor Burrowes  
  1.   Away In A Manger  
  2.   Silent Night  
  3.   Sussex Carol  
  4.   Once In Royal David's City  
  5.   In The Bleak Midwinter  
Connor Burrowes - Requiem
Requiem (Justin Time Records JTR 8480-2, CD) 1997
Featuring Boys Air Choir   Connor Burrowes  
Canadian release. Contains all 17 tracks from Japanese releases of Requiem and Believe.
  1.   pie jesu (G.Faure)  
  2.   pie jesu (A.L. Weber)  
  3.   Sanctus (G. Faure)  
  4.   Kyrie (B. Britten)  
  5.   agnus dei (W.A. Mozart)  
  6.   benedictus (B. Britten)  
  7.   pie jesu (J. Rutter)  
  8.   benedictus (C. Gounod)  
  9.   pie jesu (M. Durufle)  
10.   lacrimosa (W.A. Mozart)  
11.   in paradisum (G.Faure)  
12.   angus dei, in a dream (W.A. Mozart)  
13.   away in a manger (W.J. Kirkpatric)  
14.   silent night (Franz Gruber)  
15.   sussex carol (English Traditional Carol)  
16.   once in a royal david's city (H.J. Gauntlett)  
17.   in the bleak midwinter (Harold Darke)  
Available at   Amazon.com (USA)
Connor Burrowes - Requiem
Requiem (Victor Entertainment Japan VICP-60068, CD) 1997
Featuring Boys Air Choir   Connor Burrowes  
  1.   pie jesu (G.Faure)  
  2.   pie jesu (A.L.Webber)  
  3.   sanctus (G.Faure)  
  4.   kyrie (B.Britten)  
  5.   agnus dei (W.A.Mozart)  
  6.   benedictus (B.Britten)  
  7.   pie jesu (J.Rutter)  
  8.   benedictus (C.Gounod)  
  9.   pie jesu (M.Durufle)  
10.   lacrimosa (W.A. Mozart)  
11.   in paradisum (G.Faure)  
12.   agnus dei (in a dream) (W.A.Mozart)  
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Available at   Buy.com
Available at   Music Selection
  justin Time Music - page copy from the Archive.org .ogg format clips are still available
Connor Burrowes - Consort Songs
Consort Songs (Channel Classics CCS 9196, CD) Februar 1996
Featuring Connor Burrowes  
Early English sacred music
With the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet
  1.   Sorrow, come Courant (Dowland)  
  2.   Wretched Albinus; With lilies white (Byrd)  
  3.   Aria (Dowland)  
  4.   Complain with tears (Anon)  
  5.   When shall my sorrowful sighing (Tallis)  
  6.   In a merry May morn (Nicholson)  
  7.   When May is in his prime (Anon)  
  8.   Male-Content (Simpson)  
  9.   This merry pleasant Spring (Anon)  
10.   Ye mortal wights (Cobbold)  
11.   Paduan & Volta (Simpson)  
12.   Like as the day (Mando)  
13.   How can the tree (Anon)  
14.   Fantasia VII (Jenkins)  
15.   Four-note Pavan (Ferrabosco II)  
Available at   Abergavenny Music
Available at   Amazon UK Review and pre-listen available
Available at   Crotchet UK
Review at   Inkpot.com
Connor Burrowes - Boys Requiem
Boys Requiem ( , CD)
Featuring Boys Air Choir   Connor Burrowes  
Same as 'Requiem' (VICP-60068)?
  1.   PIE JESU  
  2.   PIE JESU  
  3.   SANCTUS  
  4.   KYRIE  
  5.   AGNUS DEI  
  7.   PIE JESU  
  9.   PIE JESU  
Other Recordings Compact | Full
Connor Burrowes - Merry Christmas + 5
Merry Christmas + 5 (JVC SVCD-1051, CD) 2004
Featuring Boys Air Choir   Tom Crow   Connor Burrowes  
Extended resolution CD. Tracks 14-18 are not included on standard edition of "Merry Christmas" (62482). Tracks 14-18 are from "Believe" (60144).
  1.   Wonderful Christmastime (Paul McCartney) (L)  
  2.   Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Hugh Martin - Ralph Blane) (L)  
  3.   We Wish you a Merry Christmas (Traditional) (L)  
  4.   White Christmas (Irving Berlin) (L)  
  5.   Sleigh Ride (Leroy Anderson) (L)  
  6.   Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (F.Mendelssohn)  
  7.   God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Traditional)  
  8.   Walking in the Air (Howard Blake)  
  9.   Tomorrow Shall be my Dancing Day (John Gardner)  
10.   A Spaceman Came Traveling (Chris De Burgh)  
11.   The Holly and the Ivy (Traditional)  
12.   O Holy Night (Adolphe Adam)  
13.   Wonderful Christmastime Ending (Paul McCartney)  
14.   Away In A Manager  
15.   Silent Night (L)  
16.   Sussex Carol  
17.   Once In Royal David's City (L)  
18.   In The Bleak Midwinter  
Available at   AMusic Direct
Connor Burrowes - Memories: Best of Boys Air Choir
Memories: Best of Boys Air Choir (Victor Entertainment Japan VICP-62103, CD) Dezember 2002
Featuring Boys Air Choir   Connor Burrowes  
  1.   Pie Jesu  
  2.   Agnus Dei  
  3.   Pie Jesu  
  4.   In Paradisum  
  5.   Away in a manger  
  6.   In the bleak midwinter  
  7.   The blue bird  
  8.   O for the wings of a dove  
  9.   Magnificat in G  
10.   Miserere Mei,Deus  
11.   The flower of Magherally  
12.   Shule Aroon  
13.   Silent oh Moyle  
14.   Ave Maria  
15.   Air on the G string  
16.   Choral: Wohl mir, doss ich Jesum hobe  
17.   17  
  JVC Music Japan
Connor Burrowes - The Music of St Paul's Cathedral
The Music of St Paul's Cathedral (Hyperion SPCC2000, CD) Juli 2000
Featuring St. Paul's Cathedral Choir, London   Jeremy Budd   Connor Burrowes   Edmund Hill   Nicholas Thompson  
Directed by John Scott. Recorded on various dates in 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998.
  1.   I was glad [Hubert Parry] (L)  
  2.   The Lord is my shepherd [Charles Hylton Stewart] (L)  
  3.   I waited for the Lord [Felix Mendelssohn] (L)   Soloists: Connor Burrowes & Edmund Hill
  4.   Evening hymn [Henry Balfour Gardiner] (L)  
  5.   Let the people praise Thee, O God [William Mathias] (L)  
  6.   Placare Christe servulis, Op 38 No 16 [Marcel Dupré]   organ solo
  7.   Magnificat (St Paul's Service) [Herbert Howells] (L)  
  8.   Nunc dimittis (St Paul's Service) [Herbert Howells] (L)  
  9.   Dear Lord and Father of mankind [tune "Repton" by Hubert Pary] (L)  
10.   The day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended [air "St Clements" by C. Scholefield] (L)  
11.   There's a wideness in God's mercy [tune "Corvedale" by Maurice Bevan] (L)  
12.   Immortal, invisible, God only wise [tune "St Denio" by John Roberts] (L)  
13.   Miserere mei Deus [Gregorio Allegri] (L)   Soloist: Jeremy Budd & Nicholas Thompson
14.   God be in my head [John Rutter] (L)  
15.   Magnificat in C [Charles Villers Stanford] (L)  
16.   Nunc dimittis in C [Charles Villers Stanford] (L)  
Available at   Amazon UK
Available at   Hyperion Records UK
Connor Burrowes - Air
Air (Victor Entertainment Japan VICP-60884, CD) Oktober 1999
Featuring Boys Air Choir   Patrick Burrowes   Connor Burrowes   Edward Burrowes   Andrew Johnson  
Patrick Burrowes (3 tracks), Andrew Johnson (3 tracks), Edward Burrowes (2 tracks) & alto Connor Burrowes (1 track)
  1.   Silent, Oh Moyle (L)  
  2.   Sliabh Geal gCua  
  3.   The Flower of Magherally  
  4.   Shule Aroon (Suil a ruin)  
  5.   Dulaman  
  6.   Our Father, God Celestial  
  7.   Expectans Expectavi  
  8.   O Magnum Mysterium  
  9.   The Lark in the Clear Air  
10.   The Last Rose of Summer  
11.   The Mermaid  
Connor Burrowes - Blue Bird
Blue Bird (Victor Entertainment Japan VICP-60517, CD) April 1999
Featuring Boys Air Choir   Edward Burrowes   Connor Burrowes   Thomas Cockett  
Also released on Justin Time Records [Canada] JTR 8486-2
  1.   The Blue Bird (L)  
  2.   Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child  
  3.   Magnificat in G  
  4.   Nunc Dimittis  
  5.   O for the Wings of a Dove  
  6.   Hymn: O for a closer walk with God  
  7.   Miserere  
  8.   Beati quorum via  
  9.   Diaphenia  
10.   Sleepsong (L)  
Available at   Amazon US
Available at   CD Universe
  Justin Time Music Copy of the Justin Time Music page from the Archive.org (.ogg format clips are still available)
  YouTube - Bluebird (Edward is soloist)
Connor Burrowes - Passiontide at St. Paul's
Passiontide at St. Paul's (Hyperion  CDA 66916, CD) 1997
Featuring St. Paul's Cathedral Choir, London   Connor Burrowes   Edward Burrowes   Edmund Hill   Anthony Way  
  1.   A Lent Prose   Treble: Connor Burrowes, Edward Burrowes
  2.   Call To Remembrance, O Lord  
  3.   I Waited For The Lord   Trebles: Connor Burrowes, Edmund Hill
  4.   The Lamentation  
  5.   The Reproaches  
  6.   Ecce lignum Crucis  
  7.   Christus factus est  
  8.   Drop, Drop, Slow Tears   Treble: Anthony Way
  9.   Crucifixus A 8  
10.   This Joyful Eastertide  
11.   In Exitu Israel (Psalm 114)  
12.   Ecce vicit Leo  
13.   Te Deum In C   Treble: Connor Burrowes
Available at   Amazon UK
Connor Burrowes - Handel: Joseph and his Brethren
Handel: Joseph and his Brethren (Hyperion CDA 671713, CD) November 1996
Featuring Connor Burrowes   The Choir of New College, Oxford  
3-CD set, 72 tracks. Connor sings the part of Benjamin on 4 tracks
Connor Burrowes - Markus Passion
Markus Passion (Musica Oscura 070970, CD) November 1996
Featuring Connor Burrowes  
Connor sings on 2 tracks of this double CD set.
Available at   Qualiton Imports Ltd Produce include no libretto or any sheet than cover
Review at   Bach-Cantatas
Connor Burrowes - How Can I Keep From Singing?
How Can I Keep From Singing? (EMI 569 620, CD) 1996
Featuring St. Paul's Cathedral Choir, London   Simon Acott   Tom Appleton   Richard Bannan   Edward Burrowes   Connor Burrowes   Jeremy Edwards   Edmund Hill   Philip Martin   Edmond Melik-Mourad   Anthony Way   Oliver Winstone  
  1.   Pie Jesu   Soloist: Anthony Way
  2.   For the Beauty of the Earth  
  3.   Long Since In Egypt’s Plenteous Land  
  4.   The Call   Soloist: Philip Martin
  5.   The Lost Chord  
  6.   How Blest Are They  
  7.   Like A Mighty River Flowing   Soloists: Simon Acott/Richard Bannan/Tom Appleton/Edmund Melik-Mourad
  8.   Let The Bright Seraphim   Soloist: Crispian Steele-Perkins (Trumpet)
  9.   The Ash Grove   Soloists: Edmund Hill/Edward Burrowes
10.   Brothers James Air   Soloist: Oliver Winstone/Jeremy Edwards
11.   Linden Lea  
12.   Annie Laurie  
13.   How Can I Keep From Singing?   Soloist: Connor Burrowes
14.   Lift Thine Eyes  
15.   For the Fallen   Soloist: Crispian Steele-Perkins (Trumpet)
16.   A Gaelic Blessing  
Available at   Abergavenny Music
Available at   St. Paul's Cathedral Shop
Connor Burrowes - Purcell: The Complete Anthems and Services, Vol. 9
Purcell: The Complete Anthems and Services, Vol. 9 (Hyperion CDA 66693 , CD) Juni 1994
Featuring Purcell: The Complete Anthems and Services   Connor Burrowes   Mark Kennedy   Eamon O'Dwyer   Aaron Webber  
  1.   Lord is my light Z55  
  2.   The Lord is King, the earth may be glad thereof Z54  
  3.   Blessed is he whose unrighteousness is forgiven Z8   Soloists: Connor Burrowes, Eamonn O'Dwyer
  4.   O Lord God of hosts Z37   Soloists: Eamonn O'Dwyer, Mark Kennedy
  5.   Let God arise Z23  
  6.   Cantate Domino & Deus misereatur in B flat Z230   Soloists: Eamonn O'Dwyer, Aaron Webber
  7.   Cantate Domino & Deus misereatur in B flat Z230  
  8.   Blessed be the Lord my strength Z6   Soloists: Eamonn O'Dwyer, Mark Kennedy
  9.   O Lord our Governor Z141  
10.   In the guilty night (Saul and the Witch of Endor) Z134  
Connor Burrowes - St. Paul's Christmas Concert
St. Paul's Christmas Concert (RPO Records 7021, CD)
Featuring Jonathan Seyghal   Connor Burrowes   Thomas Colwell   David Nickless  
With the St. Paul's Cathedral Choir and trebles Thomas Colwell, David Nickless and Jonathan Seyghal.
  1.   Fantasy on Christmas Carols (The Holly and Ivy)  
  2.   Sleepers, Wake ('Zion Hears the Watchmen's Voices')  
  3.   Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol  
  4.   Legend [from '16 Songs for Children', Op. 54 No. 5]   Thomas Colwell
  5.   Spotless Rose   Martin Oxenham
  6.   Sleigh Ride  
  7.   Noble Stem of Jesse  
  8.   Es Ist Ein Ros Entsprungen (A Beauteous Rose Hath Blossomed)  
  9.   Christmas Sequence  
10.   Bethlehem Down  
11.   Maid Peerless   Thomas Colwell
12.   New Year Carol (Friday Afternoons) (L)   Connor Burrowes, David Nickless, Jonathan Seyghal
13.   In Bethlehem City  
14.   I Sing of a Maiden  
15.   Christmas Day  
  Listen to track 12 - New Year Carol (Friday Afternoons) - Jonathan Seyghal solo
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