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  Steve Sanders   [Little Steve]    (b. 17 September 1952) Gospel/Evangelic Soloist 
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Steve Sanders was born in a small town in Georgia, and was one of three children. His parents discovered their son's musical talent by accident when Steve was only five years old. Herbert Sanders, Steve's father, was learning to play a gospel song on the piano, and stopped playing abruptly in frustration. But Steve continued singing, and began his career.

Herbert and Steve began to perform in area churches; soon they were asked to sing on a Macon gospel TV program. They were touring the Southern gospel music circuit in less than a year - and "Little Steve" cut his first record at age seven.

At 12, he won the lead in the Broadway show "The Yearling" which earned him critical acclaim. He went on to land an important part alongside Jane Fonda and Michael Caine in the movie "Hurry Sundown", directed by Otto Preminger. By the time he was 14, Steve had also found success in television, appearing on programs such as "To Tell The Truth", "The Ed Sullivan Show," "Gunsmoke," and "Noon Wine," a dramatic special starring Jason Robards and Olivia DeHavilland.

After succeeding on stage and screen, he returned to music, and in 1982 began singing with the Oak Ridge Boys, becoming their lead singer through 1995.

Il est décédé le 10 juin 1998 (suicide).
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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Steve Sanders - Little Steve Sings Big
Little Steve Sings Big (Canaan Records CAS 9653, LP) 1969
Featuring Steve Sanders  
  1.   A Cripple Boy's Prayer (Carter) (L)  
  2.   A Way to Cross Over (Davis-Heady)  
  3.   I Saw The Face Of Jesus (Alfred-Beasley)  
  4.   I Found The Way (Atwood)  
  5.   The Price He Paid (Atwood)  
  6.   There'll Be Shoutin'  
  7.   The Wrong Side Of Me (Mills)  
  8.   God Is Everywhere  
  9.   When I Pray (Carter)  
10.   Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (Hoffman-Showalter)  
11.   I've Been Changed (Lister)  
12.   I'll Live In Glory  
Steve Sanders - I'm Happy Now
I'm Happy Now (Canaan Records CAS 9648, LP) 1968
Featuring Steve Sanders  
  1.   I'm Happy Now (Beaty)  
  2.   Not My Will (Smith) (L)  
  3.   What A Day That Will Be (Hill)  
  4.   I Saw The Light (Williams)  
  5.   Keep Your Mighty Hand On Me (Atwood)  
  6.   Just Over In The Gloryland (Dean)  
  7.   Keep Walking  
  8.   Suppertime (Stanphill)  
  9.   When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder (Black)  
10.   Which Road Leads To Heaven (Rambo)  
11.   I'm On The Right Road Now (Allen)  
12.   Who Am I (Goodman)  
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Steve Sanders - A Young Boy's Prayer
A Young Boy's Prayer (MGM Records E/SE 4420, LP)
Featuring Steve Sanders  
  1.   A Child's Request (Carter)  
  2.   Satisfied (Carson)  
  3.   Inside the Gate (Sumner)  
  4.   My Daddy Stands Tall (Smith-Sanders)  
  5.   That's How He Did It (Mills)  
  6.   You've Got To Move (Butrum-Williams-Daniel)  
  7.   Until Then (Hamblen)  
  8.   Lazarus (Carson)  
  9.   There's a Big Wheel (Gibson)  
10.   There'll Be Peace in the Valley (For Me) (Dorsey)  
11.   I Wanna Walk a Little Closer to my Lord (Thompson)  
12.   One Way Ticket to Heaven (Sanders-Hamlin)  
  A Childs Request
Singles Compact | Full
no cover
Land of Love (MGM 13475, 45rpm Single) 1966
Featuring Steve Sanders  
  1.   Land of Love  
  2.   She Loves The Love I Give Her  
no cover
I've Been Changed (Songs of Faith 8006, 45rpm Single)
Featuring Steve Sanders  
Little Steve and The Sego Brothers
  1.   I've Been Changed  
  2.   Because of Him  
no cover
Inside the Gate (Songs of Faith 8046, 45rpm Single)
Featuring Steve Sanders  
  1.   Inside the Gate  
  2.   God's Everywhere  
Recordings after Voice Change / Recordings as an Adult Compact | Full
Steve Sanders - This Is My Valley
This Is My Valley (Canaan Records CAS 9669, LP) 1969
Featuring Steve Sanders (non-treble)  
  1.   A Child's Request  
  2.   He'll Make It Right  
  3.   Papa  
  4.   You're The Only Bible (L)  
  5.   No One To Welcome Me Home  
  6.   Peace And Happiness  
  7.   This Is My Valley  
  8.   Are You Ready  
  9.   Road Of No Return  
10.   Angels Sound The Golden Trumpet  
11.   That's Just His Way  
12.   Less Of Me  
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