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  Daniel   [Daniel Siegert]    (b. 11 Februar 1991) Pop Soloist 
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Daniel Grand final winner of Star Search Kids in Germany, 2003.
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Bill, from Tokio Hotel, was also a contestant on the 2003 German Star Search.
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Daniel and Oliver went head to head in the German Star Search finals.
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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Daniel - Lucky Star
Lucky Star (Polydor/Universal , CD) April 2004
Featuring Daniel  
  1.   Lucky Star  
  2.   Mother  
  3.   Time For A Wonder  
  4.   King For One Day  
  5.   Dreams  
  6.   I Wanna Hit  
  7.   School's Out  
  8.   I Love Lazy Sundays  
  9.   Hear My Song  
10.   Send Me An Angel  
11.   I'm The One  
12.   Let The Sun Shine (In My Magic World)  
13.   What's Up  
14.   Mother  
Available at   Amazon.de
Singles Compact | Full
Daniel - Mother
Mother (Polydor/Universal , CD Single) April 2004
Featuring Daniel   Oliver  
  1.   Mother (Radio Mix)  
  2.   Mother (Soft Ware Mix)  
  3.   Mother (Extended Mix)  
  4.   Mother (Non Rap Radio)  
  5.   Mother (Karaoke Mix)  
Available at   Amazon.de
Daniel - Let the Sun Shine (in my Magic world)
Let the Sun Shine (in my Magic world) (Polydor/Universal , CD Single) September 2003
Featuring Daniel  
  1.   Let the sun shine (in my magic world) (Radio Cut)  
  2.   Let the sun shine (in my magic world) (Extended)  
  3.   Let the sun shine (in my magic world) (Karaoke)  
  4.   (Data track)  
Available at   Amazon.de Only available second hand
Daniel - Smile
Smile (Polydor/Universal , CD Single) August 2003
Featuring Daniel   Oliver  
  1.   Smile  
  2.   Smile (Extended Version)  
  3.   Smile (Instrumental Karaoke Version)  
Available at   Amazon.de
Other Recordings Compact | Full
Daniel - Friends
Friends (Polydor/Universal , CD) 2003
Featuring Daniel   Oliver  
Daniel, Senta-Sofia, Jenniffer, and Oliver sing on this soundtrack to the German TV show "Star Search".
  1.   Something Beautiful   (Daniel)
  2.   Let The Sun Shine/InMy Magic World   (Daniel)
  3.   Girlfriend   (Daniel)
  4.   Hero   (Jennifer)
  5.   Dreams Are Made In Heaven   (Jenniffer)
  6.   tba   (Jenniffer)
  7.   Informer (L)   (Oliver)
  8.   5 Points OJ   (Oliver)
  9.   tba   (Oliver)
10.   Sunny   (Senta-Sofia)
11.   Küss mich   (Senta-Sofia)
12.   Sms   (Senta-Sofia)
13.   Smile   (Daniel,Senta-Sofia,Jenniffer,Oliver)
Available at   Amazon.de
Films and Videos Compact | Full
Daniel - Best of Star Search 2003
Best of Star Search 2003 ( , DVD) September 2003
Featuring Daniel   Oliver  
The hit show from Germany
Available at   Amazon.de
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