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  Amabile Boys Choir    (est. 1990) Classical Choir of Boys 
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Amabile Boys Choir The Amabile Boys Choirs were founded in 1990 by musical directors Carol Beynon and Bevan Keating. The aim of the choirs is to give boys and young men with special musical abilities and interests the opportunity to perform in challenging choral literature. The choirs enrol 100 singers from Southwestern Ontario, ages 9 to 22. The newest choristers sing in the Amabile children's choir, Da Capo, advanced trebles sing in the Treble Concert Choir, and the young men with changed voices sing in the Tenor/Bass Ensemble. Additionally, the oldest tenors and basses sing in Primus, the most recently formed ensemble. Trebles whose voices change have immediate access to the tenor/bass ensemble and the opportunity to continue thier musical development.
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Amabile Boys Choir - Soldier's Cry
Soldier's Cry ( , CD) 2007
Featuring Amabile Boys Choir  
All of the Amabile Boys and Men's Choirs are represented on this recording from our youngest Treble Training Choir who combine with our Treble Concert Choir, to our Young Men and our senior choir, Primus, who sing together as the Amabile Young Men's Ensemble.
  1.   Soldier's Cry  
  2.   Waitin' for the Dawn of Peace  
  3.   The Morning Trumpet  
  4.   The Lord's My Shepherd  
  5.   Even When God is Silent  
  6.   Amazing Grace  
  7.   Oseh Shalom  
  8.   Peace Drum Song  
  9.   Prayer of the Children  
10.   When a Child Lights a Candle  
11.   I am but a Small Voice  
12.   Varjele Jumala Soasta  
13.   In Flanders Fields  
14.   For the Fallen  
15.   Reconciliation  
16.   In Remembrance  
17.   Ave Maris Stella  
18.   Libertatum  
Available at   Amabile Choirs Online Shop
Available at   Singers.com
Amabile Boys Choir - New Horizons
New Horizons (Private ABC003, CD) 2003
Featuring Amabile Boys Choir  
Directed by Carol Benyon / Ken Fleet.
  1.   Exsultate Justi  
  2.   Psalm 91  
  3.   We Will Sing for Joy  
  4.   Spaseniye sodelal  
  5.   The last Words of David  
  6.   Heaven Somewhere  
  7.   The Stars are with the Voyager  
  8.   In Flanders Fields  
  9.   Crossing the Bar  
10.   The Chemical Workers' Song  
11.   A Great Big Sea  
12.   Horizons  
13.   Loch Lomond  
14.   What Shall We Do wIth a Drunken Sailor?  
15.   Dulaman  
16.   Manx Lullaby  
17.   Mita kaikatat, Kivonen?  
18.   Pilgrims Chorus  
19.   She is My Slender Small Love  
20.   O My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose  
21.   Look to the Rainbow  
22.   Send in the Clowns  
23.   M.L.K.  
24.   Aria  
Available at   Singers.com
Amabile Boys Choir - Folkalizing
Folkalizing (Furiant Productions FMDC2 4618-2, CD) 1999
Featuring Amabile Boys Choir  
2-CD Set
  1.   Vive l'amour   CD 1
  2.   When the Outports Sing - Tishialuk  
  3.   When the Outports Sing - The Pretty Harbour Bait Skiff  
  4.   When the Outports Sing - I'se the B'ye  
  5.   Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor  
  6.   Song for the Mira  
  7.   Un Canadien Errant  
  8.   Donkey Riding  
  9.   Lullaby  
10.   Lullaby of the Iroquois  
11.   The Grand Hotel  
12.   Fare Thee Well, Love  
13.   low the Candles Out  
14.   Down in the Valley  
15.   Streets of Laredo  
16.   Black is the Color  
17.   The Water is Wide  
18.   Lonesome Road  
19.   Shenandoah  
20.   Marry a Woman Uglier Than You  
21.   Three Russian Folksongs - The Birch Tree, Kalinka, Tum Balalaika   CD 2
22.   Goodnight  
23.   Chickens in the Garden  
24.   Danny Boy  
25.   Tutti, Tutti Tummaistan  
26.   Haida, Haida  
27.   Bashana Haba-a  
28.   Dodili  
29.   O Thou in Whose Presence (L)  
30.   Let Me Fly  
31.   Done Made My Vow  
32.   Set Down Servant  
33.   Hush, Somebody's Callin' My Name  
34.   I Can't Tarry  
35.   Three Songs from Africa - O Freedom, Pharadisi, Siyahamba  
36.   Songs of Gahu  
37.   Betelehemu  
no cover
Christmas with the ABC ( , CD) 1995
Featuring Amabile Boys Choir  
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