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  Peter Hinterreiter Boy Soprano Soloist 
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Peter Hinterreiter Peter Hinterreiter was a member of the Tölzer Knabenchor in 1972.
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Peter Hinterreiter - Les Plus Belles Chorales d'Enfants
Les Plus Belles Chorales d'Enfants (Virgin Classics /EMI France 61472 5, CD) Juli 2004
Featuring The American Boychoir   Anthony Chadney   Robert Chilcott   Escolanía de la Abadia de Santa Cruz del Valle de Los Caídos   Walter Gampert   Peter Hinterreiter   King's College Choir, Cambridge   Libera / Angel Voices   Joseph Platt   Christopher Robson   Southend Boys Choir   Andreas Stein   Trinity Boys Choir, Croydon   Die Wiener Sängerknaben  
This is a very nice compilation on 2 CDs featuring several renowned choirs such as the Wiener Sängerknaben, King's College Choir, Cambridge, the American Boychoir, Libera, the "Trinity Boys Choir" and others, as well as soloists from the "Tölzer Knabenchor" featured in an excerpt of Mozart's Magic Flute.
  1.   Carmen : Choeur Des Gamins  
  2.   Miserere  
  3.   My Heart Will Go On  
  4.   Requiem : Pie Jesu  
  5.   Requiem : In Paradisum  
  6.   Mascaro Da Pru  
  7.   Toma Que Toma  
  8.   L'Arche De Noë : Lord Jesus, Think On Me  
  9.   Le Songe D'Une Nuit D'Eté : You Spotted Snakes With Double Tongue  
10.   Le Songe D'Une Nuit D'Eté : On The Ground, Sleep Sound  
11.   La Flûte Enchantée : Trio Des Garçons  
12.   Messe Basse A 3 Voix : Kyrie  
13.   Messe Basse A 3 Voix : Sanctus  
14.   Messe Basse A 3 Voix : Benedictus  
15.   Messe Basse A 3 Voix : Agnus Dei  
16.   Carmina Burana : Amor Volat Undique  
17.   What Is Pink? : What Is Pink?  
18.   What Is Pink? : The Mysterious Cat  
19.   What Is Pink? : Who Has Seen The Wind?  
20.   What Is Pink? : A Pavane For The Nursery  
21.   What Is Pink? : Counting-Out-Rhyme  
22.   What Is Pink? : The House On The Hill  
23.   Libera Voca Me (L)   Soloists: Christopher Robson, Joseph Platt and Anthony Chadney
24.   Symphonie N°3 : Bim-Bam  
25.   La Bigoudine  
26.   All You Need Is Love  
27.   Libre Vermell De Montserrat : O Virgo Splendens  
28.   Cantigas De Santa Maria Del Rey Alfonso X : Ay, Santa Maria  
29.   Cantigas De Santa Maria Del Rey Alfonso X : De Muitas Guisas  
30.   Cantate Domino  
31.   Old American Songs : I Bought Me A Cat  
32.   Old American Songs : At The River  
33.   Old American Songs : Simple Gifts  
34.   Reasons For Loving The Harmonica  
35.   A Jubilant Song  
36.   Eternal Flame  
37.   A Ceremony Of Carols : Procession  
38.   A Ceremony Of Carols : Wolcum Yole!  
39.   A Ceremony Of Carols : There Is No Rose  
40.   A Ceremony Of Carols : That'S Yonge Child  
41.   A Ceremony Of Carols : Balulalow  
42.   A Ceremony Of Carols : As Dew In Aprille  
43.   A Ceremony Of Carols : This Little Babe  
44.   A Ceremony Of Carols : Interlude  
45.   A Ceremony Of Carols : In Freezing Winter Night  
46.   A Ceremony Of Carols : Spring Carol  
47.   A Ceremony Of Carols : Deo Gracias  
48.   A Ceremony Of Carols : Recession  
Peter Hinterreiter - Bach:  Magnificat
Bach: Magnificat (DHM (BMG Music) 05472 77411 2, CD) 1995
Featuring Der Tölzer Knabenchor   Walter Gampert   Peter Hinterreiter   Andreas Stein  
J. S. Bach: Magnificat in D major, BWV 243
Dir. Gerhard Schmidt-Gaden. Soprano I: Walter Gampert; Soprano II: Peter Hinterreiter; Alto: Andreas Stein,
Theo Altmeyer (Tenor), Roland Hermann (Bass)

C. P. E. Bach: Magnificat Wq. 215
Elly Ameling (Soprano), Maureen Lehane (Contralto), Theo Altmeyer (Tenor), Roland Hermann (Bass)

Tölzer Knabenchor, Collegium Aureum
  1.   Magnificat anima mea  
  2.   Et exsultavit spiritus meus   (soprano II)
  3.   Qui respexit humilitatem   (soprano I)
  4.   Omnes generationes  
  5.   Quia fecit mihi magna   (basse)
  6.   Et misericordia   (alto, ténor)
  7.   Fecit potentiam  
  8.   Deposuit potentes   (ténor)
  9.   Esurientes implevit bonis   (alto)
10.   Suscepit Israel   (soprani I & II, alto)
11.   Sicut locutus est  
12.   Gloria Patri  
Peter Hinterreiter - Bach: Das Kantatenwerk: Sacred Cantatas - Vol. 1
Bach: Das Kantatenwerk: Sacred Cantatas - Vol. 1 (Teldec , CD) 1972
Featuring Bach: Das Kantatenwerk: Sacred Cantata Collection   Walter Gampert   Peter Hinterreiter   Peter Jelosits  
BWV 1-19, Recorded 1971-1972.
BWV 1.3 Aria, Aria, Peter Jelosits
BWV 3.5 Soprano/Alto Duet
BWV 4.3 Duet, 7 Aria (Duet)
BWV 5.6 Recitative
BWV 6.3 Chorale
BWV 8.5 Recitative
BWV 9.5 Soprano/Alto Duet
BWV 10.2 Aria
BWV 11.10 Aria
BWV 13.4 Recitative, Walter Gampert
BWV 14.2 Aria, Peter Hinterreiter
BWV 17.3 Aria
BWV 18.3 Recitative & Chorale, 4 Soprano Aria
BWV 19.3 Aria, 6 Recitative
Peter Jelosits is only credited as the soprano soloist in Vols. 3 & 4 of the Harnoncourt/Leonhardt series of Bach's sacred cantatas recorded in the 1970s for Teldec, ie. Nos. 43-68 as detailed elsewhere. However, he is probably the anonymous Vienna Choirboy in Cantatas Nos. 5-6-11-17-18-19. His distinctive very full and brilliant toned richly coloured voice with accurate intonation is surely heard here. The only reservation is that some top notes are a little "tight".
  1.   1  
Available at   Amazon.de
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Mozart: Die Zauberflote (Angel EMI 555 769 607-2, CD)
Featuring Walter Gampert   Peter Hinterreiter   Andreas Stein  
Sawallisch. CD reissue of 1973 LP. Walter Gampert, Knabensopran; Peter Hinterreiter, Andreas Stein, Knabenalt.
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