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  Tobias Eiwanger    (b. 9 September 1973) Boy Soprano Soloist 
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Tobias Eiwanger a member of the Tölzer Knabenchor in the years 1986-1987.

Tobias Eiwanger was born in Munich (Germany) and began his musical education as a treble in the Tölzer Knabenchor. In 1980 he became a soprano soloist of the choir and worked with conductors as Leonhard Bernstein, Herbert von Karajan, Wolfgang Sawallisch, von Dohnanyi, …

He made tours to Japan, USA, Israel, and many countries in Europe. Highlights of his career were solo parts in Magic Flute (Mozart), Pelléas et Melisandé (Debussy), The Turn of the Screw (Britten), Dido and Aeneas (Mozart) and especially his solo part in Mahler's Symphony No. 4 in Vienna (with Leonhard Bernstein).

He left the Tölzer Knabenchor with the breaking of his voice in 1986.

He lived near of Munich with his family until his unexpected and early death on 24 March 2012.
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Tobias Eiwanger - Bach: Das Kantatenwerk: Sacred Cantatas - Vol. 9
Bach: Das Kantatenwerk: Sacred Cantatas - Vol. 9 (Teldec , CD) 1988
Featuring Bach: Das Kantatenwerk: Sacred Cantata Collection   Knabenchor Hannover   Allan Bergius   Matthias Echternach   Tobias Eiwanger   Stefan Gienger   Panito Iconomou   Christian Immler   Jan Patrick O'Farrell   Alexander Raymann   Helmut Wittek  
BWV 163-182, Recorded 1986-1988
BWV 163.4 Arioso (Duet), Tobias Eiwanger, Panito Iconomou (boy alto); 5 Aria (Duet), TE, PI
BWV 164.5 Aria (Duet), Christoph Wegmann
BWV 165.1 Aria, Tobias Eiwanger
BWV 166.3 Chorale, Christoph Wegmann
BWV 167.2 Recitative, Panito Iconomou (boy alto); 3 Aria (Duet), Helmut Wittek, PI
BWV 168.5 Aria (Duet), Helmut Wittek, Christian Immler (boy alto)
BWV 171.3 Recitative, Panito Iconomou (boy alto); 4 Aria, Helmut Wittek
BWV 172.5 Aria (Duet), Matthias Echternach
BWV 173.3 Aria, Christian Immler (boy alto); 4 Aria (Duet), Allan Bergius?, CI; 5 Recitative (Duet), Stefan Gienger?
BWV 174.2 Aria, Christian Immler (boy alto)
BWV 176.3 Aria, Matthias Echternach
BWV 177.2 Aria, Panito Iconomou (boy alto); 3 Aria, Helmut Wittek
BWV 178.2 Recitative, 5 Recitative, Panito Iconomou (boy alto)
BWV 179.5 Aria, Helmut Wittek
BWV 180.3 Recitative, 5 Aria, Jan Patrick O'Farrell
BWV 181.4 Recitative, Alexander Raymann
Available at   Amazon.de
Tobias Eiwanger - Bach: Das Kantatenwerk: Sacred Cantatas - Vol. 8
Bach: Das Kantatenwerk: Sacred Cantatas - Vol. 8 (Teldec , CD) 1986
Featuring Bach: Das Kantatenwerk: Sacred Cantata Collection   Allan Bergius   Roger Cericius   Tobias Eiwanger   Sebastian Hennig   Ansgar Pfeiffer   Stefan Rampf   Christoph Wegmann  
BWV 138-162, Recorded 1983-1986
BWV 138.1 Recitative, Stefan Rampf (boy alto); 2 Recitative, Allan Bergius, Stefan Rampf (boy alto); 5 Recitative, Stefan Rampf (boy alto)
BWV 139.5 Recitative, Allan Bergius
BWV 140.3 Aria (Duet), 6 Aria (Duet), Allan Bergius
BWV 143.2 Chorale, Roger Cericius
BWV 144.5 Aria, Ansgar Pfeiffer
BWV 145.1 Aria (Duet), 4 Recitative, Allan Bergius
BWV 146.4 Recitative, 5 Aria, 8 Chorale, Allan Bergius
BWV 147.3 Aria, Stefan Rampf (boy alto); 5 Aria, Allan Bergius; 8 Recitative, Stefan Rampf (boy alto)
BWV 149.4 Aria, Sebastian Hennig
BWV 150.3 Aria, Ansgar Pfeiffer
BWV 151.1 Aria, Sebastian Hennig
BWV 152.4 Aria, 6 Duet, Christoph Wegmann
BWV 153.2 Recitative, 8 Aria, Stefan Rampf (boy alto)
BWV 155.1 Recitative, 4 Aria, Allan Bergius
BWV 156.2 Aria, Christoph Wegmann
BWV 158.2 Aria, Christoph Wegmann
BWV 159.2 Aria, Tobias Eiwanger
BWV 162.3 Aria, Tobias Eiwanger

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