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  Steven Geraghty    (b. 18 Juli 1987) Boy Soprano Soloist 
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Steven Geraghty Steven Geraghty has been singing with the St. Philip's Boys' Choir for over ten years. Treading carefully in the footsteps of his older brother Daren, Steven joined the choir at only 7 years old, being the youngest Angel Voice at that time. Steven's astounding vocal ability was discovered from the very beginning - to this day he has been the youngest chorister to have appeared on television as part of the choir and also the youngest, at 9, to record a solo for a commercially available album. His early Angel Voices/Libera recordings include the CD Angel Voices 2 from 1996 but his first solos can be heard on the festive CD Angel Voices 3 (1997) and Libera (1999).

As a youngster Steven was a celebrated high-note soloist, with top C's and beyond never being a problem. Because of his gift with the upper registers, Steven was chosen to record his voice for the current signature tune of Songs of Praise. As often is the case for Libera high-note soloists, Steven's position extended and he soon became, joined later by Ben Crawley, Libera's principle soloist. Steven filmed a large collection of songs for television programmes such as Songs of Praise, but his talents as a soloist could not be better observed than on the 2001 CD Luminosa. "Vespera", Luminosa's opening track, is undoubtedly one of Steven's greatest achievements and was the first of Libera's videos to be broadcast on Classic FM TV. His capability is exemplified in his pyrotechnic rendition of Caccini's "Ave Maria", which includes some of his own improvised variations on the original melody. Steven enjoyed being the sidekick of Aled Jones by featuring as vocal support in two songs from Aled's 2002/03 albums.

Steven is a talented aspiring composer and, fired with enthusiasm from recording sessions a few years ago with film writer Hans Zimmer, is hoping to compose movie soundtracks. Steven is also an accomplished clarinettist and displayed his talents for the instrument on Libera's CD Free, on which he also sang as a choir member – some tracks as a treble and some after voice change. Steven is currently a role model in Libera as an older and experienced member helping the younger boys. This was clearly visible on their recent Asia Tour where Steven was a singer, musician, technical assistant for the concerts and chaperone.
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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Steven Geraghty - Luminosa
Luminosa (WarnerClassics 40117, CD) September 2001
Featuring Ben Crawley   Steven Geraghty   Libera / Angel Voices   Sam Coates  
  1.   Vespera (L)   Soloist: Steven Geraghty
  2.   Ave Maria (based on Ave Maria by Caccini) (L)   Soloist: Steven Geraghty
  3.   Lacrymosa (based on the Aquarium by Saint-Saens) (L)   Soloist: Ben Crawley
  4.   Sacris Solemnis (based on Symphony no.7 by Beethoven) (L)  
  5.   Attendite (L)   Soloist: Ben Crawley
  6.   Gaudete (L)   Soloist: Sam Coates
  7.   Silencium (L)  
  8.   Semele (Where E'er You Walk by Handel) (L)   Soloist: Ben Crawley
  9.   Luminosa (based on Clair de Lune by Debussy) (L)   Soloists: Ben Crawley and Steven Geraghty
10.   Stabat (L)   Soloist: Steven Geraghty
11.   Veni Sancte (L)   Soloists: Steven Geraghty, Ben Crawley and Simon Beston
12.   Sanctus II (L)   Remix of Sanctus - track 2 on Libera CD.
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Other Recordings Compact | Full
Steven Geraghty - Higher
Higher (UCJ 9865579, CD) September 2003
Featuring Steven Geraghty   Libera / Angel Voices   Joseph Platt   Aled Jones (non-treble)  
Libera provide vocals on all tracks except 7, 8, and 12. The Korean version has one extra track: 13. Deep Breath
  1.   San Damiano (L)  
  2.   Deep Peace (A Gaelic Blessing) (L)  
  3.   You Raise Me Up (L)   Treble soloist: Joseph Platt
  4.   Where're You Walk (L)  
  5.   Abide With Me (L)  
  6.   David of the White Rock (L)  
  7.   Marble Halls (L)  
  8.   Count Your Blessings (L)  
  9.   Be Still (L)   Treble soloist: Steven Geraghty
10.   Silent Night (L)  
11.   Aberystwyth (L)  
12.   Dear Lord and Father of Mankind (L)  
Available at   Amazon UK
Steven Geraghty - Aled
Aled (UCJ 0644792, CD) Oktober 2002
Featuring Ben Crawley   Steven Geraghty   Libera / Angel Voices   Joseph Platt   Christopher Robson   Aled Jones (non-treble)  
Libera accompanies Aled Jones on tracks 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14. Aled sings a duet with Ben Crawley in "Nunc Dimittis" and with his younger self on "O Holy Night".
  1.   I Believe (L)  
  2.   My Life Flows On (L)  
  3.   Vespera (L)   Treble soloists: Steven Geraghty and Joseph Platt
  4.   Pie Jesu (L)  
  5.   Suo-Gan (L)  
  6.   Did You Not Hear My Lady? (L)  
  7.   Ave Maria (L)  
  8.   How Great Thou Art (L)  
  9.   Do You Hear What I Hear? (L)   Treble soloists: Christopher Robson and Alasdair Gordon
10.   All Through the Night (Ar Hyd Y Nos) (L)  
11.   Panis Angelicus (L)  
12.   Nunc Dimittis (L)   Treble soloist: Ben Crawley
13.   Lead Kindly Light (L)  
14.   O Holy Night (L)  
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Available at   Amazon UK
Steven Geraghty - ICO Soundtrack
ICO Soundtrack (SME Visual Works SVWC-7117, CD) März 2002
Featuring Steven Geraghty  
On this soundtrack for the PS2 game ICO, Steven Geraghty sings the part of Ico for the track "You Were There".
  1.   Prologue  
  2.   Coffin  
  3.   Impression  
  4.   Castle In The Mist  
  5.   Beginning  
  6.   Who Are You  
  7.   Darkness  
  8.   Heal  
  9.   The Gate  
10.   Queen  
11.   Continue  
12.   Deja Vu  
13.   Shadow  
14.   Entity  
15.   Collapse  
16.   You Were There (L)   Featuring Steven Geraghty
Available at   Amazon com
Review at   Chudda;'s corner
Steven Geraghty - Hannibal (Soundtrack)
Hannibal (Soundtrack) (Decca 4676962, CD) 2001
Featuring Steven Geraghty   Libera / Angel Voices  
Libera, and Steven in particular, feature on Hans Zimmer's soundtrack to the film of the same name. They are on tracks 1, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12 and they are buried in the mix on some other tracks too.
  1.   Dear Clarice   with Sir Anthony Hopkins
  2.   Aria da Capo  
  3.   The Capponi Library  
  4.   Gourmet Valse Tartare  
  5.   Avarice  
  6.   For a Small Stipend  
  7.   Firenze di Notte  
  8.   Virtue  
  9.   Let My Home Be My Gallows   with Sir Anthony Hopkins
10.   The Burning Heart   with Sir Anthony Hopkins
11.   To Every Captive Soul  
12.   Vide Cor Meum  
Available at   Amazon UK
Steven Geraghty - Libera
Libera (WarnerClassics 3984-29053-2, CD) Oktober 1999
Featuring Libera / Angel Voices   Liam O'Kane   Alex Baron   Steven Geraghty   Adam Harris  
  1.   Salva Me (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
  2.   Sanctus (based on Canon by Pachelbel) (L)  
  3.   Agnus Dei (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
  4.   Libera (L)   Soloist: Adam Harris
  5.   Mysterium (L)   Soloist: Adam Harris
  6.   Jubilate (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
  7.   Beata Lux (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
  8.   Dies Irae (L)   Soloist: Steven Geraghty
  9.   Te Lucis (based on Canon by Thomas Tallis) (L)   Soloist: Alex Baron
10.   Sancta (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
11.   Angelis (L)  
12.   Lux Aeterna (L)   Soloist: Adam Harris
Available at   Amazon UK
Available at   Amazon US
Steven Geraghty - Angel Voices 3
Angel Voices 3 (MCI MCCDX 019, CD) Oktober 1997
Featuring Libera / Angel Voices   Alex Baron   Chris Baron   Daren Geraghty   Steven Geraghty   Adam Harris   Liam O'Kane  
NB Gaudete is an exact copy of track 20 on the CD Angel Voices 2.
  1.   Saviour's Day (L)  
  2.   Walking in the Air (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
  3.   In Dulci Jubilo (L)  
  4.   White Christmas (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
  5.   O Come All Ye Faithful (L)  
  6.   Away in a Manger (L)   Soloist: Steven Geraghty
  7.   God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen (L)  
  8.   In the Bleak Midwinter (L)  
  9.   Mistletoe and Wine (L)   Soloist: Steven Geraghty
10.   O Little Town of Bethlehem (L)  
11.   The Holly and the Ivy (L)   Soloist: Adam Harris
12.   Once in Royal David's City (L)   Soloist: Chris Baron
13.   The Christmas Song (L)  
14.   The First Noel (L)  
15.   Silent Night (L)  
16.   While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night (L)   Soloist: Alex Baron
17.   Mary's Boy Child (L)  
18.   Gaudete (L)   Soloist: Daren Geraghty
19.   When a Child is Born (L)  
20.   Do You Hear What I Hear? (L)   Soloist: Adam Harris
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Films and Videos Compact | Full
Steven Geraghty - Classic FM TV DVD Hits, Vol. 1
Classic FM TV DVD Hits, Vol. 1 (CFMTVDVD001 30056141, DVD) Dezember 2003
Featuring Steven Geraghty   Libera / Angel Voices  
The 2001 Warner Classics promo video of Vespera with Libera - soloist Steven Geraghty - is on this DVD. Aled Jones's video of San Damiano is also on this DVD. The DVD is Region 2.
Available at   mvc
no cover
Songs of Praise ( , Film/TV) 2001
Featuring Steven Geraghty  
"SONGS OF PRAISE" SIGNATURE TUNE [Opening Titles and Closing Credits] Composer: Robert Prizeman Performers: Robert Prizeman, Maurice Murphy, Steven Geraghty Sheet music for the Songs of Praise signature tune, composed by Robert Prizeman, is published by Chester Music, catalogue number CH55835. You can listen to the theme tune on CD 2 of the Songs of Praise album.
Available at   Amazon UK
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