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  Robin Blaze Boy Soprano Soloist 
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Robin Blaze Robin Blaze comes from Leeds in Yorkshire. He first became involved in music when he entered the Junior School of Leeds Grammar School. His tremendous vocal potential was quickly spotted by Stephen Lomas, the Director of Music who subsequently followed his progress very closely and continued to work with him. He soon took a prominent role in the choir, becoming Head Chorister and a fine soloist.

In 1982, he was awarded a Choral Scholarship and joined the Chapel Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford. He finished up his time at Magdalen as Head Chorister and proceeded to Uppingham School on a music scholarship. He has appeared on television and radio as a treble soloist and has sung solos in Petersborough, Oxford, Coventry and Chichester Cathedrals. In addition to singing, Robin studies the piano, organ, and flute. He leads a very busy life but manages to find time to play "Dungeons and Dragons" and a little golf.
— Sleeve Notes

Now established in the front rank of interpreters of Purcell, Bach and Handel, Robin's busy schedule has taken him to Europe, South America, North America, Japan and Australia. He read Music at Magdalen College, Oxford and won a post-graduate scholarship to the Royal College of Music where he trained with assistance from the Countess of Munster Trust and now holds an Associate Professorship. He is now a Visiting Professor of Singing at the Royal Academy of Music.

He regularly appears with The Academy of Ancient Music, Bach Collegium Japan, Collegium Vocale, The English Concert, The Gabrieli Consort, The King's Consort, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, RIAS Kammerchor and The Sixteen. His lute song programmes with Elizabeth Kenny are popular throughout Europe and Japan.
— Caroline Phillips Management

Photo at left taken by conductor Harry Christophers (founder and conductor of The Sixteen) in Yokohama.
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Robin studied with Tim at the Royal College of Music

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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Robin Blaze - Music For Treble Voice
Music For Treble Voice (Alpha APS 365, LP) Oktober 1985
Featuring Robin Blaze  
  1.   Oh! Had I Jubal's Lyre  
  2.   Drop,Drop Slow Tears  
  3.   O Mysterium Ineffabile  
  4.   The Voice Of Joy  
  5.   In The Sight Of The Unwise  
  6.   Ave Maria  
  7.   I Know That My Redeemer Liveth  
  8.   Hymn To God The Father  
  9.   I Got Me Flowers  
10.   Love Bade Me Welcome  
11.   The Call  
12.   Benedictus(Little Organ Mass)  
13.   Turn Thee To Me  
14.   I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes  
15.   Abide With Me  
Robin Blaze - The English Anthem c. 1830-1900
The English Anthem c. 1830-1900 (Alpha ACA 538, LP) 1985
Featuring Robin Blaze   The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford  
Directed by John Harper.
  1.   Blessed Be The God And Father Of Our Lord Jesus Christ   Soloist: Robin Blaze
  2.   Wash Me Throughly From My Wickedness   Soloist: Robin Blaze. This track not included in CD sets.
  3.   The Wilderness   Soloist: Robin Blaze (Treble);Angus Davidson (Alto);Paul Agnew (Tenor);Caspar Fawden (Tenor);James Cross and Jeremy Wilding (Bass)
  4.   I Saw The Lord   Soloists: Robin Blaze (Treble);Charles Tyler (Alto);Paul Agnew (Tenor);Keith Handley (Bass)
  5.   Is it nothing to you? (Ouseley)  
  6.   O Saviour of the World (Ouseley)  
  7.   The Lord is my Shepherd (Stanford)  
Other Recordings Compact | Full
Robin Blaze - Twice Were Angels
Twice Were Angels (Griffin GCCD 4065, CD) November 2008
Featuring Christopher Betts   Robin Blaze   Jeremy Bowyer   Andrew Brough   Dara Carroll   Justyn Christer   Michael Criswell   Paul Dutton   Daniel Ludford-Thomas   Daniel Norman   David Pickering   Mark Robson   Christopher Smith   Andrew Wicks  
  1.   Morning has broken (trad gaelic, words Farjean)   Treble soloist: Mark Robson
  2.   The Trout (Schubert)   Treble soloist: David Pickering
  3.   Shepherd, Shepherd, Leave Decoying (Purcell)   Treble soloists: Andrew Brough & Christopher Smith
  4.   On Wings of song (Mendelssohn)   Treble soloist: Daniel Ludford-Thomas with Andrew Shenton (organ)
  5.   Angels ever bright & fair (Handel: Theodora)   Treble soloist: Jeremy Bowyer
  6.   Will ye no come back again? (trad)   Treble soloist: Dara Carroll
  7.   Faery Song (Boughton: Immortal Hour)   Treble soloist: Dara Carroll
  8.   Lullaby (Brahms)   Treble soloist: Dara Carroll
  9.   Road to the Isles (trad.)   Treble soloist: Dara Carroll
10.   There is a Green Hill Far Away (Horsley, Alexander)   Treble soloist: Michael Criswell
11.   Quem Pastores Laudavere (anon C14, Rutter)   Treble soloist: Michael Criswell
12.   Buckingham Palace   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
13.   Halfway Down the Stairs   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
14.   Polite   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
15.   Lines & Squares   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
16.   Vespers   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
17.   No John, No   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
18.   Blow away   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
19.   I waited for the Lord (Mendelssohn)   Treble soloists: Daniel Norman and Justyn Christer
20.   O Lovely Peace (Handel: Judas Maccabeus)   Treble soloists: Daniel Norman and Christopher Betts
21.   Bist du bei mir (J S Bach: Anna Magdalena)   Treble soloist: Daniel Norman
22.   Pie Jesu (Durufle Requiem)   Treble soloist: Daniel Norman
23.   The Holy Boy (Ireland) (words H.Brown)   Treble soloist: Paul Dutton
24.   The Holy City (Adams)   Treble soloist: Paul Dutton
25.   Bless this house (Brahe)   Treble soloist: Paul Dutton
26.   Hey, Ho, the Wind & the Rain (Quilter)   Treble soloist: Paul Dutton
27.   The Call (Vaughan Williams: 5 Mystical Songs)   Treble soloist: Robin Blaze
28.   Abide with me ("Eventide") (Monk, words: Lyte)   Treble soloist: Robin Blaze
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Robin Blaze - Once Were Angels: The Tradition of Boy Trebles
Once Were Angels: The Tradition of Boy Trebles (Griffin GCCD 4040, CD) April 2003
Featuring Robin Blaze   Jeremy Bowyer   Andrew Brough   Dara Carroll   Michael Criswell   Peter Davey   James Davis   Paul Dutton   Michael Ginn   Thomas Hunt   Daniel Ludford-Thomas   Christopher Smith   Andrew Wicks  
Compiled by Stephen Beet, Donald Hunt, Roger Fisher and Andrew Johnson for the record label Griffin. Includes a 16 page booklet with full biographical notes & pictures.

Harry Mudd, executive producer of Abbey Records and the associated Alpha Label, made an enourmous impact with his standalone recordings of choirs and boy soprano soloists in particular. This recording includes highlights from some of these soloists on CD for the first time.
  1.   Linden Lea (Vaughan Williams)   Soloist: Andrew Wicks
  2.   I will give my love an apple   Soloist: Paul Dutton
  3.   Alleluya (Mozart)   Soloist: Andrew Wicks
  4.   O for the wings of a dove (Mendelssohn)   Soloist: Michael Ginn with the Choir of the Temple Church, London
  5.   Lark in the clear air (Trad)   Soloist: Dara Carroll
  6.    Der Musensohn (Schubert)   Soloist: Andrew Wicks
  7.    Orpheus with his lute (Sullivan)   Soloist: Paul Dutton
  8.   Laudamus te (Vivaldi)   Soloists: Thomas Hunt and Paul Dutton
  9.   Happy, Iphis, shalt thou live (Handel) (L)   Soloist: Jeremy Bowyer
10.   Shepherd's Song (Elgar)   Soloist: Paul Dutton
11.   Pie Jesu (Faure)   Soloist: Dara Carroll
12.   Skye Boat Song (Trad)   Soloist: Dara Carroll
13.   Let us wander not unseen (Purcell)   Soloists: Andrew Brough and Christopher Smith
14.   Fear no more the heat o' the sun (Quilter)   Soloist: Paul Dutton
15.   A grateful heart (Plumstead)   Soloist: Daniel Ludford-Thomas
16.   A song of wisdom (Stanford)   Soloist: Daniel Ludford-Thomas
17.   Be not afraid (Schutz)   Soloist: Michael Criswell
18.   Harke, harke, the Lark (Trad.)   Soloist: Michael Criswell
19.   Agnus Dei (Mozart)   Soloist: James Davis
20.   En Priere (Faure)   Soloist: Peter Davey
21.   Evening Hymn (Purcell)   Soloist: Peter Davey
22.   Drop, drop slow tears (Gibbons)   Soloist: Robin Blaze
23.   I got me flowers (Vaughan Williams)   Soloist: Robin Blaze
24.   I know that my redeemer liveth (Handel)   Soloist: Paul Dutton
Available at   Abergavenny Music
Available at   Amazon UK
Available at   Griffin & Co Ltd
Robin Blaze - The English Anthem Collection
The English Anthem Collection (Regis RRC 4001, CD) November 2001
Featuring The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford   Robin Blaze  
67 Tracks. Contains all of the tracks from the 5-disc Abbey set (66 tracks) plus one additional. This set contains the following two volumes: Regis RRC 2030 (2CDs) and Regis RRC 2031 (2CDs), both released in 2000.
Robin Blaze - The English Anthem Collection Vol. I
The English Anthem Collection Vol. I (Regis RRC 2030, CD) 2000
Featuring The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford   Robin Blaze  
2CD set.
  1.   Byrd: O Lord turn Thy Wrath   Disc One
  2.   Byrd: Teach me, O Lord   Soloist: Robin Blaze.
  3.   Byrd: Exalt thyself, O God  
  4.   Morley: Out of the Deep  
  5.   Morley: Nolo mortem peccatoris  
  6.   Farmer: The Lord's Prayer  
  7.   Farrant: Hide not thy face  
  8.   Van Wilder: Blessed art Thou  
  9.   Tye: I will exalt Thee  
10.   Tallis: I call and cry to Thee  
11.   Tallis: Purge me, O Lord  
12.   Tallis: O Lord, give Thy Holy Spirit  
13.   Sheppard: The Lord's Prayer  
14.   Byrd: Sing joyfully unto God  
15.   Gibbons: O Lord in They wrath (rebuke me not)  
16.   Gibbons: O Lord, I lift my heart to Thee  
17.   Weelkes: Hosanna to the Son of David  
18.   Weelkes: O Lord, arise (into Thy resting peace)  
19.   Tomkins: Then David mourned  
20.   Tomkins: O praise the Lord, all ye heathen  
21.   Blow: my God, my God, look upon me  
22.   Purcell: I was glad (when they said unto me)  
23.   Purcell: Hear my prayer (O Lord)   Disc Two
24.   Purcell: O God, Thou has cast us out  
25.   Purcell: Remember not, Lord, (our offences)  
26.   Croft: God is gone up  
27.   Greene: Lord, let me know mine end  
28.   Boyce: O where shall wisdom be found  
29.   Battishill: Lord, look down from Heaven  
30.   Attwood: Come Holy Ghost, (our souls inspire)  
31.   S.S. Wesley: Blessed be the God and Father   Soloist: Robin Blaze
32.   Ouseley: Is it nothing to you?  
33.   Ouseley: O Saviour of the world  
34.   S.S. Wesley: The Wilderness   Soloist: Robin Blaze
35.   Stainer: I saw the Lord   Soloist: Robin Blaze
Available at   Abergavenny
Available at   Premiere Music Distributors
Robin Blaze - The English Anthem Collection Vol. II
The English Anthem Collection Vol. II (Regis RRC 2031, CD) 2000
Featuring The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford   Robin Blaze  
Magdalen College, Oxford
  1.   Stanford: The Lord's my shephard   Disc One
  2.   Stanford: Glorious and powerful God  
  3.   Parry: My soul, there is a country  
  4.   Wood: O Thou, the central orb  
  5.   Wood: Hail, gladdening light  
  6.   Wood: Expectans expectavi  
  7.   Bairstow: Blessed City, heavenly Salem   Soloist: Robin Blaze
  8.   Bairstow: Let all mortal flesh keep silence  
  9.   Ireland: Greater love hath no man  
10.   Vaughan-Williams: Whitsunday hymn  
11.   Finzi: Welcome, sweet and sacred feast  
12.   Holst: The Evening-Watch  
13.   Howells: Like as the hart  
14.   Walton: Set me as a seal (upon Thine hearth)   Disc Two
15.   Stewart: King of Glory, King of Peace  
16.   Rose: Praise ye the Lord  
17.   Joubert: O Lord, the maker of al thing  
18.   Britten: Hymn to St. Peter  
19.   Harris: Bring us, O Lord God  
20.   Harvey: come, Holy Ghost  
21.   Harvey: The Tree  
22.   Howells: Thee will I love  
23.   Howells: Come, my soul  
24.   Berkeley: Thou hast made me  
25.   John Tavener: Hymn to the Mother of God  
26.   Bennett: Verse I  
27.   Bennett: Verses II  
28.   Bennett: Verses III  
29.   Harper: Salve Regina  
30.   Harper: Ubi Caritas  
31.   Leighton: Drop, drop, slow tears  
32.   Leighton: Give me the wings of faith  
Available at   Abergavenny
Available at   Premiere Music Distributors
no cover
The English Anthem Collection (Abbey CDCA 901, 912-915, CD) 1991
Featuring The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford   Robin Blaze  
5-CD Set, 66 tracks. There were originally four Alpha LPs in the original English Anthems series (ACA 537, 538, 543, 547) with 42 items covering the period 1600 to 1930, Robin Blaze being heard on three of the albums. This edition reissued all but nine of the original LP items while adding additional 33 pieces, mainly from the 18th and 20th centuries.
no cover
The English Anthem c. 1540-1600 (Alpha ACA 543 , LP) 1985
Featuring The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford   Robin Blaze  
Robin Blaze sings "Teach me, O Lord" (Byrd). Recorded April 21-22 1985, in Magdalen College Chapel, Oxford. This tracklist was taken from the Abbey Reissue CD set. It is likely that one of these tracks is incorrect. Contact BCSD if you have this LP.
  1.   Teach me, O Lord  
  2.   O Lord turn thy wrath  
  3.   Exalt thyself, O God  
  4.   The Lord's Prayer (Farmer)  
  5.   Hide not thou thy face (Farrant)  
  6.   Out of the deep  
  7.   Nolo mortem peccatoris (Morley)  
  8.   The Lord's Prayer (Sheppard)  
  9.   Purge me, O Lord  
10.   O Lord, give thy Holy Spirit  
11.   I will call and cry (Tallis)  
12.   I will exalt thee (Tye)  
13.   Blessed art thou (Van Wilder)  
Robin Blaze - The English Anthem c. 1900-1930
The English Anthem c. 1900-1930 (Alpha ACA 547, LP) 1985
Featuring The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford   Robin Blaze  
  1.   Blessed City, heavenly Salem (Bairstow)   Soloists: Robin Blaze, Karl Dyson
  2.   Let all mortal flesh keep silence (Bairstow)  
  3.   Give us the wings of faith (Bullock)   This track not included in CD versions
  4.   Greater Love Hath No Man (Ireland)   Soloists: Nicholas Rae
  5.   My Soul, There is a Country (Parry)  
  6.   O Thou, the central orb (Wood)  
  7.   Hail, Gladdening Light (Wood)  
  8.   Expectans expectavi (Wood)  
  9.   Glorious and Powerful God (Stanford)  
Robin Blaze - The English Carol an anthology from the 15th to the 20th Century
The English Carol an anthology from the 15th to the 20th Century (Alpha ACA 527, LP) Dezember 1983
Featuring The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford   Robin Blaze   Nicolas Nelson   Nicholas Rae  
Directed by John Harper
  1.   Come All You Worthy Gentlemen (Traditional)  
  2.   Qui Creavit Caelum (Song Of The Nuns Of Chester)  
  3.   Nova Nova, AVE fit Ex EVA (15th Century)   Soloists Robin Blaze and Nicholas Rae (Trebles)
  4.   Goday Sir Cristemas (15th Century)   Soloist Charles Tyler (Alto);Keith Handley (Bass)
  5.   Ave Maria, Hail Blessed Flower (15th Century)   Soloists Angus Davidson (alto); Caspar Fawden (Tenor)
  6.   Nowell, Out Of Your Sleep Arise (15th Century)   Soloists James Cross,Keith Handley, Jeremy Wilding (Basses)
  7.   Lully, Lulla Thou Little Tiny Child (Shearmen's and Tailors' Play)   Soloists Robin Blaze (Treble);Agnus Davidson (Alto);James Cross (Bass)
  8.   Remember, O Thou Man (Ravenscroft)   Soloist Paul Agnew (Tenor)
  9.   This Day Christ Was Born (Byrd)  
10.   Lullaby, My Sweet Little Baby (Byrd)  
11.   Wassail Carol (Traditional)   Soloists Simon Fitter (Alto);Jeffrey Gray and Peter Thresher (Tenors);Keith Handley and Jeremy Wilding (Basses)
12.   The Lord At First Had Adam Made (Traditional)  
13.   See, Amid The Winter's Snow (Goss)   Soloists Nicholas Rae (Treble);Keith Handley (Bass)
14.   The Virgin Stills The Crying (Barnaby)  
15.   This Is The Truth Sent From Above (Traditional)  
16.   Adam Lay Y Bounden (Ord)  
17.   A New Year Carol (Britten)   Soloist Robin Blaze (Treble)
18.   I Sing Of A Maiden (Hadley)  
19.   Lullay My Liking (Holst)   Soloists Nicholas Rae (Treble);Caspar Fawden (Tenor);Jeremy Wilding (Bass)
20.   Of One That Is So Fair And Bright (Holst)   Soloists Nicolas Nelson (Treble); Caspar Fawden (Tenor)
21.   This Have I Done For My True Love (Holst)  
Robin Blaze - Carols from Oxford
Carols from Oxford (Regis RRC 1190, CD)
Featuring The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford   Robin Blaze  
A compilation of earlier published recordings from 1984 and 1990 on CD-R media.
Robin Blaze sings treble solo on four pieces and is also featured as alto on tracks 10-24 on this recording.
  1.   Come All You Worthy Gentlemen  
  2.   Nova, nova, AVE fit ex EVA   treble solo: Robin Blaze
  3.   Goday Sir Cristemas  
  4.   Ave Maria. Hail blessed flower  
  5.   Nowell. Out of your sleep arise  
  6.   Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child (The Coventry Carol)   treble solo: Robin Blaze
  7.   Remember, O thou man  
  8.   Lullaby, my sweet little baby  
  9.   This day Christ was born (A Carol for Christmas Day)  
10.   As Jacob with travel was weary one day (Jacob's Ladder)  
11.   The first Nowell  
12.   Why, most highest? (Jesus in the Manger)  
13.   The virgin stills the crying (A Cradle-song of the Blessed Virgin)  
14.   The moon shines bright  
15.   I saw three ships come sailing in  
16.   What child is this?  
17.   See amid the winter's snow (Hymn for Christmas Day)  
18.   Sleep! holy babe!  
19.   Good Christian men, rejoice  
20.   Good King Wenceslas  
21.   A babe is born, all of a maid  
22.   All this night bright angels sing (Carol for Christmas Day)  
23.   Here we come a-wassailing (The Wassail Song)  
24.   We three kings of Orient are  
25.   A New Year Carol   treble solo: Robin Blaze
26.   I sing of a maiden  
27.   Lullay my liking  
28.   Of one that is so fair and bright   treble solo: Robin Blaze
29.   This have I done for my true love  
Recordings after Voice Change / Recordings as an Adult Compact | Full
Robin Blaze - Music For St. Paul's
Music For St. Paul's (Hyperion  CDA 67009, CD) 1997
Featuring St. Paul's Cathedral Choir, London   Edward Burrowes   Timothy Burtt   Robin Blaze (non-treble)  
Edward Burrowes, Timothy Burtt & Alastair Cook, trebles; Julia Gooding & Sophie Daneman, sopranos; Robin Blaze & Ashley Stafford, countertenors
  1.   Te Deum (Utrecht) (Handel)  
  2.   Jubilate (Utrecht) (Handel)  
  3.   I was glad when they said unto me (Blow)  
  4.   Lord, thou hast been our refuge (Boyce)  
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