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  Dara Carroll    (b. 14 September 1958) Boy Soprano Soloist 
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Dara Carroll Dara Carroll was born in Carlisle in 1958. From 1959, his family lived in Blackburn, where his father was Residentiary Canon of the cathedral. He was admitted to New College School as a chorister in April 1967, sang in the college chapel in December of that year under the direction of David Lumsden, and was made head chorister in October 1971. In 1972 he became a Music Scholar at Clifton College.

He is currently Deputy Head Music at Thomas Telford School, in Telford.
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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Dara Carroll - Dara Carroll
Dara Carroll (Abbey LPB 699, LP) 1972
Featuring Dara Carroll  
Head Chorister, New College Choir, Oxford
  1.   Where You Walk (Handel)  
  2.   My Heart Ever Faithful (Bach)  
  3.   Flocks In Pastures Green (Bach)  
  4.   Shepherd's Cradle Song (Somervell)  
  5.   Ah! My Saviour (Bach)  
  6.   The Lark In The Clear Air (Irish)  
  7.   Can She Excuse My Wrongs? (Dowland)  
  8.   Flowers Of The Valley (English)  
  9.   Fine Knacks For Ladies (Dowland)  
10.   Strawberry Fair (English)  
11.   Come Again (Dowland)  
12.   Sweet Nightingale (English)  
13.   To A Snowflake (Drayton)  
14.   Jazz-Man (Britten)  
15.   Ba Ba Black Sheep  
Dara Carroll - Dara Carroll, Treble, Vol. 2
Dara Carroll, Treble, Vol. 2 (Abbey LPB 714, LP) 1972
Featuring Dara Carroll  
Head Chorister New College Choir Oxford
  1.   Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring  
  2.   How Beautiful Are The Feet  
  3.   Come Let Us All This Day  
  5.   O Lovely Peace  
  6.   Skye Boat Song  
  7.   Will Ye No Come Back Again  
  8.   Faery Song  
  8.   Pie Jesu  
  9.   Lullaby  
10.   Road To The Isles  
11.   Balulalow  
12.   Sound The Trumpet  
Dara Carroll - In Quires and Places... No. 7
In Quires and Places... No. 7 (Abbey LPB 716, LP) 1972
Featuring Dara Carroll   In Quires and Places...   The Choir of New College, Oxford  
Directed By David Lumsden
  1.   Magnificat in G (Stanford)   Soloist Dara Carroll (Treble)
  2.   Nunc Dimittis in G (Stanford)   Soloist Frank Green (Bass)
  3.   Hear my words, ye people (Parry)   Soloists Dara Carroll (Treble) and Frank Green (Bass)
  4.   Hear My Prayer/O For the Wings (Mendelssohn)   Soloist Dara Carroll (Treble)
  5.   Ecce Ancilla Domini (Drayton)   Soloist Dara Carroll (Treble)
  6.   Agnus Dei [Coronation Mass K 317] (Mozart)   Soloist Dara Carroll (Treble)
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Other Recordings Compact | Full
Dara Carroll - Twice Were Angels
Twice Were Angels (Griffin GCCD 4065, CD) November 2008
Featuring Christopher Betts   Robin Blaze   Jeremy Bowyer   Andrew Brough   Dara Carroll   Justyn Christer   Michael Criswell   Paul Dutton   Daniel Ludford-Thomas   Daniel Norman   David Pickering   Mark Robson   Christopher Smith   Andrew Wicks  
  1.   Morning has broken (trad gaelic, words Farjean)   Treble soloist: Mark Robson
  2.   The Trout (Schubert)   Treble soloist: David Pickering
  3.   Shepherd, Shepherd, Leave Decoying (Purcell)   Treble soloists: Andrew Brough & Christopher Smith
  4.   On Wings of song (Mendelssohn)   Treble soloist: Daniel Ludford-Thomas with Andrew Shenton (organ)
  5.   Angels ever bright & fair (Handel: Theodora)   Treble soloist: Jeremy Bowyer
  6.   Will ye no come back again? (trad)   Treble soloist: Dara Carroll
  7.   Faery Song (Boughton: Immortal Hour)   Treble soloist: Dara Carroll
  8.   Lullaby (Brahms)   Treble soloist: Dara Carroll
  9.   Road to the Isles (trad.)   Treble soloist: Dara Carroll
10.   There is a Green Hill Far Away (Horsley, Alexander)   Treble soloist: Michael Criswell
11.   Quem Pastores Laudavere (anon C14, Rutter)   Treble soloist: Michael Criswell
12.   Buckingham Palace   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
13.   Halfway Down the Stairs   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
14.   Polite   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
15.   Lines & Squares   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
16.   Vespers   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
17.   No John, No   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
18.   Blow away   Treble soloist: Andrew Wicks
19.   I waited for the Lord (Mendelssohn)   Treble soloists: Daniel Norman and Justyn Christer
20.   O Lovely Peace (Handel: Judas Maccabeus)   Treble soloists: Daniel Norman and Christopher Betts
21.   Bist du bei mir (J S Bach: Anna Magdalena)   Treble soloist: Daniel Norman
22.   Pie Jesu (Durufle Requiem)   Treble soloist: Daniel Norman
23.   The Holy Boy (Ireland) (words H.Brown)   Treble soloist: Paul Dutton
24.   The Holy City (Adams)   Treble soloist: Paul Dutton
25.   Bless this house (Brahe)   Treble soloist: Paul Dutton
26.   Hey, Ho, the Wind & the Rain (Quilter)   Treble soloist: Paul Dutton
27.   The Call (Vaughan Williams: 5 Mystical Songs)   Treble soloist: Robin Blaze
28.   Abide with me ("Eventide") (Monk, words: Lyte)   Treble soloist: Robin Blaze
Email   Stephen Beet Price GBP 12.99 plus post and packing. PayPal or personal cheque accepted. Requests should be sent to Stephen R Beet by e-mail to beetstphn@aol.com or StephenRBeet@gmail.com For those without PayPal or e-mail facility, orders may be sent to Stephen R Beet, 13 Rue Principale, 87320 THIAT, France.
Dara Carroll - Once Were Angels: The Tradition of Boy Trebles
Once Were Angels: The Tradition of Boy Trebles (Griffin GCCD 4040, CD) April 2003
Featuring Robin Blaze   Jeremy Bowyer   Andrew Brough   Dara Carroll   Michael Criswell   Peter Davey   James Davis   Paul Dutton   Michael Ginn   Thomas Hunt   Daniel Ludford-Thomas   Christopher Smith   Andrew Wicks  
Compiled by Stephen Beet, Donald Hunt, Roger Fisher and Andrew Johnson for the record label Griffin. Includes a 16 page booklet with full biographical notes & pictures.

Harry Mudd, executive producer of Abbey Records and the associated Alpha Label, made an enourmous impact with his standalone recordings of choirs and boy soprano soloists in particular. This recording includes highlights from some of these soloists on CD for the first time.
  1.   Linden Lea (Vaughan Williams)   Soloist: Andrew Wicks
  2.   I will give my love an apple   Soloist: Paul Dutton
  3.   Alleluya (Mozart)   Soloist: Andrew Wicks
  4.   O for the wings of a dove (Mendelssohn)   Soloist: Michael Ginn with the Choir of the Temple Church, London
  5.   Lark in the clear air (Trad)   Soloist: Dara Carroll
  6.    Der Musensohn (Schubert)   Soloist: Andrew Wicks
  7.    Orpheus with his lute (Sullivan)   Soloist: Paul Dutton
  8.   Laudamus te (Vivaldi)   Soloists: Thomas Hunt and Paul Dutton
  9.   Happy, Iphis, shalt thou live (Handel) (L)   Soloist: Jeremy Bowyer
10.   Shepherd's Song (Elgar)   Soloist: Paul Dutton
11.   Pie Jesu (Faure)   Soloist: Dara Carroll
12.   Skye Boat Song (Trad)   Soloist: Dara Carroll
13.   Let us wander not unseen (Purcell)   Soloists: Andrew Brough and Christopher Smith
14.   Fear no more the heat o' the sun (Quilter)   Soloist: Paul Dutton
15.   A grateful heart (Plumstead)   Soloist: Daniel Ludford-Thomas
16.   A song of wisdom (Stanford)   Soloist: Daniel Ludford-Thomas
17.   Be not afraid (Schutz)   Soloist: Michael Criswell
18.   Harke, harke, the Lark (Trad.)   Soloist: Michael Criswell
19.   Agnus Dei (Mozart)   Soloist: James Davis
20.   En Priere (Faure)   Soloist: Peter Davey
21.   Evening Hymn (Purcell)   Soloist: Peter Davey
22.   Drop, drop slow tears (Gibbons)   Soloist: Robin Blaze
23.   I got me flowers (Vaughan Williams)   Soloist: Robin Blaze
24.   I know that my redeemer liveth (Handel)   Soloist: Paul Dutton
Available at   Abergavenny Music
Available at   Amazon UK
Available at   Griffin & Co Ltd
Dara Carroll - Evensong at New College Oxford
Evensong at New College Oxford (Abbey LPB 725, LP) 1973
Featuring The Choir of New College, Oxford   Dara Carroll  
  1.   Voluntary: Jesu meine Zuversicht (Bach)   for Organ
  2.   Introit: Jesu dulcis memoria (Drayton)  
  3.   Preces and Responses (Leighton)  
  4.   Psalm 139 (Martin)  
  5.   Magnificat in A (Stanford)  
  6.   Nunc Dimittis in A (Stanford)  
  7.   Lord's Prayer and Responses (Leighton)  
  8.   Faire is the Heaven (Harris)  
  9.   My Song is Love Unknown (Ireland)  
10.   Toccata (Vierne)   for Organ
Dara Carroll - Kenneth Leighton
Kenneth Leighton (Abbey  ABY 702, LP) 1971
Featuring The Choir of New College, Oxford   Dara Carroll  
Dara Carroll, Treble; Gerald English, Tenor; Bram Wiggins, Trumpet; Murray Somerville, Organ.
  1.   Crucifixus Pro Nobis   (for tenor soloist and SATB chorus)
  2.   God's Grandeur   (SATB chorus)
  3.   An Easter Sequence   (Boys Voices)
  4.   Paean   (for Organ)
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