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  Still Pending    (est. 2005) Rock Group 
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Still Pending Still Pending is a rock band made up of three talented boys from Portland, Oregon. They are: Reed (lead guitar/violin/vocals), Andrew (bass/vocals), and Grant (drums/guitar/piano/vocals). They formed the band in the Fall of 2005 and have been tearing up the Portland, OR. music scene with their incredible talent. Their musical influances include: Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, and The Who. Still Pending's music is a mix of cover and original songs. In the spring of 2006 they made their public debut as the on-stage band in the forty two performance run of the Oregon Children's Theatre's rock musical production of "Alexander, Who is Not Not Not Not Not Not Going to Move!" They have also performed at Lakefest - Lake Oswego and Baby Woodstock - Portland Children's Museum. Still Pending will be playing many more gigs.
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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Still Pending - Graffiti
Graffiti ( , CD) Januar 2009
Featuring Still Pending  
  1.   Tuxedo Man  
  2.   Just Say It  
  3.   All Gone All Wrong  
  4.   Leaving You Goodbye  
  5.   Fall Into It All  
  6.   After You  
  7.   Argus  
  8.   Think You Can  
  9.   Stop Spinning  
10.   Entrance  
11.   Graffitti  
Available at   Still Pending Store
Still Pending - Innocent Days
Innocent Days ( , CD) 2006
Featuring Still Pending  
Six song CD-EP can be purchased at Still Pending's website.
  1.   Stop Spinning  
  2.   All Gone, All Wrong  
  3.   Drivin' To California  
  4.   Leaving You, Goodbye  
  5.   Tuxedo Man  
  6.   It'll Be There Tomorrow  
Available at   Still Pending
Films and Videos Compact | Full
Still Pending - Still Pending Live At The Crystal Ballroom
Still Pending Live At The Crystal Ballroom ( , DVD) Februar 2007
Featuring Still Pending  
This awesome DVD contains the entire set from the Crystal Ballroom show in Portland on January 28th, 2007. Also included as a SPECIAL BONUS for copies purchased on our web site is the Stop Spinning music video in full resolution with CD audio sound! (Please note that this DVD is a DVD -R format - it may not be compatible with all DVD players. If you have an older DVD player, it may not work. If you have any problems, please contact Still Pending.)
Available at   Still Pending
Still Pending - Kids Who Rip Vol. 1 & 2
Kids Who Rip Vol. 1 & 2 ( , DVD) 2006
Featuring Still Pending  
These kids are the next generation of superstars loaded with bags of crazy tricks. Watch while they ride tasty waves and catch big air just like the pros, it'll make your jaw drop! Kids Who Rip invites you into a new world where the future lies in your hands
Available at   Kids Who Rip
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