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  Robin Schlotz    (b. 1992) Boy Soprano Soloist 
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Robin Schlotz Robin Schlotz was a first soloist (soprano) of the Tölzer Knabenchor around 2004.
Robin performs the Queen of the Night aria from Mozart's "The Magic Flute" in one of the Tolzer Knabenchor concerts of parents. This aria is among the most difficult there is for any seasoned singer, and young Robin Schlotz nails those high F's like a pro. It is a long standing tradition for seasoned soloist sopranos in Tölzer Knabenchor to sing this aria for parent/friend concerts. It is not performed in public concerts. But ... that video is on Youtube...
Robin Schlotz no longer sings treble, as his voice dropped around November, 2005
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This is a replacement for the removed YouTube video.

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Other Recordings Compact | Full
Robin Schlotz - Wagner: Siegfried
Wagner: Siegfried (Etcetera / CODAEX 8711801101408, CD) Februar 2007
Featuring Robin Schlotz  
Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra ; Dirigent: Hartmut Haenchen ; Albert Dohmen (Bass-baritone); Anne Gjevang (Mezzo soprano); Graham Clark (Tenor); Günter von Kannen (Bass); Linda Watson (Soprano). Robin Schlotz is the bird of the forest
  1.   Robin Schlotz  
Robin Schlotz - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Die Zauberflöte
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Die Zauberflöte (Amati AMA 2301SA , CD) März 2005
Featuring Frederic Jost   Niklas Mallman   Robin Schlotz  
Robin Schlotz - Di Lasso, Orlando:  Bußpsalmen (Penitential Psalms) 2
Di Lasso, Orlando: Bußpsalmen (Penitential Psalms) 2 (Capriccio CC67130, CD) Februar 2005
Featuring Der Tölzer Knabenchor   Frederic Jost   Alexander Lischke   Robin Schlotz  
Psalmi penitentialis "Bußpsalmen" Vol. 2. Tölzer Knabenchor, Schmidt-Gaden: Robin Schlotz, treble (Discantus); Frederic Jost, boy alto (Altus); Christian Fliegner, tenor (Tenor); Andreas Burkhart, baritone (Contratenor bassus [Quinta vox])
Ripieni: trebles: Lars John and Alexander Lischke (Discantus); trebles: Can Cesmeli and Benedikt Seigner (Discantus, Mezzo); [boy] altos: Nikas Mallmann and Magnus Textor (Altus); bass: Matthias Ritter (Bassus). Recorded June 3-6, 2004, Großer Saal, Schloss Dachau (Germany)
  1.   Quartus Psalmus Poenitentialis (Psalm 51 / 50) (L)  
  2.   Quintus Psalmus Poenitentialis (Psalm 102 / 101) (L)  
  3.   Sextus Psalmus Poenitentialis (Psalm 130 / 129) (L)  
  4.   Septimus Psalmus Poenitentialis (Psalm 143 / 142) (L)  
Available at   Amazon.de
Available at   JPC
  track 4
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