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  Nochum Stark UNSORTED Soloist 
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Nochum Stark began his singing career at the young age of 9. He quickly blossomed into one of the greatest star soloists in Miami Boys Choir history. It was at this time that Nochum became a household name throughout the world of Jewish music.

Nochum returned to the Jewish music scene, with his 1999 debut album, "In Eretz Yisroel," after spending three years of studying Torah in Eretz Yisroel. The central theme of Nochum's second release is prayer, and that's why it is entitled "Tefilosi."

With the ability to sit at a piano and play his favorite songs during a show, Nochum adds an intimate dimension to his concerts. Besides singing, Nochum also possesses the talent of composing. He composed the hits "Hodu" and "Mi Adir" on his first two albums. Since his first release, Nochum has also been featured on albums including "Yachad," "Miri and Friends," "Dance with Neginah Five," "A Sfirah Kumzitz," and "Voices for Israel." In addition, his self-composed "Mi Adir" is featured on the latest Neginah Chupah album. Nochum has performed with many artists including Avraham Fried, and Shalsheles. His energetic and emotional style, and trademark piano playing during his concerts, are always met with a thunderous response. Nochum has become a popular singer across the world and is a sought after recording artist in the concert and simcha circuits.

Recently, Nochum has been introducing his brother Zevy in many of his performances. Zevy Stark is also a star graduate of the Miami Boys Choir. Whether at a Chupah or at a sold out crowd, Nochum and Zevy's voices blend deliciously together. Nochum and Zevy have created a fresh concept called "A SHTARKA KUMSITZ™." Currently, Nochum and Zevy are teaming up to make a brothers album that will set new boundaries and create new highlights in both of their careers.
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Films and Videos Compact | Full
no cover
On The Road To Yerushalayim ( , DVD) 1992
Featuring Nochum Stark  
Recordings after Voice Change / Recordings as an Adult Compact | Full
Nochum Stark - In Eretz Yisroel
In Eretz Yisroel (Sameach , CD)
Featuring Nochum Stark (non-treble)  
Nochum's First Recording
  1.   Shiru Lo   4:51
  2.   Yiboneh   4:01
  3.   In Eretz Yisroel   5:01
  4.   Hodu   7:59
  5.   Sheyiboneh   5:01
  6.   Siman Tov   4:45
  7.   One Day   7:16
  8.   Achas   3:30
  9.   Hisoriri   6:22
10.   V'hoer   3:30
Available at   Jewish Jukebox
Nochum Stark - Tefilasi
Tefilasi (Sameach , CD)
Featuring Nochum Stark (non-treble)  
Nochum's Second Recording
  1.   Al Hatorah   5:20
  2.   Mi Adir   6:17
  3.   Misod   4:47
  4.   Tefilosi   5:57
  5.   Es Tzemach   4:12
  6.   Vesigoleh   4:29
  7.   Retzei   6:27
  8.   Ki Hamalchus   3:33
  9.   VeHarev Na   6:46
10.   Uvnei   4:58
11.   Life of Torah   4:18
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