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  Liam O'Kane    (b. 13 Mai 1984) Boy Soprano Soloist 
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Liam O'Kane Liam was born in London in May 1984 and began singing with the St. Philip's Boys' Choir (also known as Angel Voices and Libera) in Norbury, South London when he was 8.
Liam has appeared on several television programs from 1993 to 2001, including Thora on the Straight and Narrow, Blue Peter, Songs of Praise, and GMTV.

At the moment, he plays in the band called Jimmy the Squirrel, which continues to have gigs over England.
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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Liam O'Kane - Libera
Libera (WarnerClassics 3984-29053-2, CD) Oktober 1999
Featuring Libera / Angel Voices   Liam O'Kane   Alex Baron   Steven Geraghty   Adam Harris  
  1.   Salva Me (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
  2.   Sanctus (based on Canon by Pachelbel) (L)  
  3.   Agnus Dei (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
  4.   Libera (L)   Soloist: Adam Harris
  5.   Mysterium (L)   Soloist: Adam Harris
  6.   Jubilate (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
  7.   Beata Lux (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
  8.   Dies Irae (L)   Soloist: Steven Geraghty
  9.   Te Lucis (based on Canon by Thomas Tallis) (L)   Soloist: Alex Baron
10.   Sancta (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
11.   Angelis (L)  
12.   Lux Aeterna (L)   Soloist: Adam Harris
Available at   Amazon UK
Available at   Amazon US
Liam O'Kane - Soprani Hard Romantic
Soprani Hard Romantic (Polystar PSCR-5756, CD) Juni 1999
Featuring Liam O'Kane  
  1.   All the Love in the World (L)  
  2.   Moonlight Lullaby (L)  
  3.   The Lark in the Clear Air (L)  
  4.   Time (L)  
  5.   After the Storm (L)  
  6.   Blue Tide   Liam not on this track
  7.   In Trutina (L)  
  8.   Morgen! (L)  
  9.   Silent Love (L)  
10.   You're the One   Liam not on this track
Available at   Amazon Japan
Other Recordings Compact | Full
Liam O'Kane - Welcome to Libera's World
Welcome to Libera's World (EMI TOCP-67886, CD) Februar 2006
Featuring Libera / Angel Voices   Ben Crawley   Michael Horncastle   Liam O'Kane   Joseph Platt   Joseph Sanders-Wilde  
NB:- This CD , released in Japan only, contains only 1 new song: Far Away which is used in the Japanese TV drama series 'Ice Wall'. All the other tracks are picked out of the previous Libera CDs [ Libera, Luminosa, Free and Visions ]. This CD should be regarded as a selection of the favourite tracks by Libera, rather than a completely new album. This CD also contains photos of 20 profile cards and 3 videos - Far Away being recorded in studio, the promo video for Visions and the promo video for Free.
  1.   Far Away (L)   Theme song for Japanese TV drama Ice Wall - soloist Michael Horncastle.
  2.   Stay with me (L)   from Free - soloist Joseph Platt
  3.   I vow to thee my country (L)   from Free - soloist Ben Crawley
  4.   Salva Me (L)   from Libera - soloist Liam O'Kane
  5.   Libera (L)   from Visions - soloists Michael Horncastle and Joseph Sanders-Wilde
  6.   Sanctus II (L)   from Luminosa
  7.   Wings of a Dove (L)   from Visions
  8.   Far Away (L)   Full version - soloist Michael Horncastle
Available at   Amazon japan
Available at   Amazon US available as an Import
Available at   CD Japan
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Liam O'Kane - Sincerely - Best of Hard Romantic featuring Liam O'Kane
Sincerely - Best of Hard Romantic featuring Liam O'Kane (Polystar PSCR-6114, CD) April 2003
Featuring Liam O'Kane  
Liam sings on tracks 2, 4, 6, 9, 13 and 15.
  2.   The Lark in the Clear Air (L)  
  4.   Piercing the Clouds (L)  
  6.   All the Love in the World (L)  
  9.   Moonlight Lullaby (L)  
13.   Silent Love (L)  
15.   Morgen! (L)  
Available at   Amazon Japan
Available at   HMV Japan
Available at   jpop
Liam O'Kane - Songs of Praise - Hymns from the Holy Land
Songs of Praise - Hymns from the Holy Land (Music Club 488MMC, CD) März 2002
Featuring Adam Harris   Libera / Angel Voices   Liam O'Kane  
  5.   Pie Jesu   Liam O'Kane and Adam Harris
  8.   Lux Aeterna   Adam Harris and Libera
16.   Be Still for the Presence of the Lord   Liam O'Kane and Libera
Available at   Amazon UK for 9 april 2001 issue.
Available at   Amazon UK
Liam O'Kane - Lyra - Celtic Spirit
Lyra - Celtic Spirit (Polygram , CD) Juni 1998
Featuring Liam O'Kane  
Liam sings on track 4 - "Riverdance".
  4.   Riverdance  
Liam O'Kane - Splendore Hard Romantic
Splendore Hard Romantic (Polystar PSCR-5717, CD) Januar 1998
Featuring Liam O'Kane  
Liam sings on tracks 2, 4 and 9.
  1.   Blue Interlude  
  2.   Piercing the Clouds - splendid version (L)  
  3.   Coma Lavandare  
  4.   Hungarian Love Song - angelic version (L)  
  5.   Em Xavante  
  6.   Oranger  
  7.   Frantic Blue  
  8.   Hungarian Love Song - velvet piano version  
  9.   Piercing the Clouds - ambient version (L)  
10.   Em Xavante - water piano version  
Available at   Amazon japan
Available at   jpop
Liam O'Kane - Angel Voices 3
Angel Voices 3 (MCI MCCDX 019, CD) Oktober 1997
Featuring Libera / Angel Voices   Alex Baron   Chris Baron   Daren Geraghty   Steven Geraghty   Adam Harris   Liam O'Kane  
NB Gaudete is an exact copy of track 20 on the CD Angel Voices 2.
  1.   Saviour's Day (L)  
  2.   Walking in the Air (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
  3.   In Dulci Jubilo (L)  
  4.   White Christmas (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
  5.   O Come All Ye Faithful (L)  
  6.   Away in a Manger (L)   Soloist: Steven Geraghty
  7.   God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen (L)  
  8.   In the Bleak Midwinter (L)  
  9.   Mistletoe and Wine (L)   Soloist: Steven Geraghty
10.   O Little Town of Bethlehem (L)  
11.   The Holly and the Ivy (L)   Soloist: Adam Harris
12.   Once in Royal David's City (L)   Soloist: Chris Baron
13.   The Christmas Song (L)  
14.   The First Noel (L)  
15.   Silent Night (L)  
16.   While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night (L)   Soloist: Alex Baron
17.   Mary's Boy Child (L)  
18.   Gaudete (L)   Soloist: Daren Geraghty
19.   When a Child is Born (L)  
20.   Do You Hear What I Hear? (L)   Soloist: Adam Harris
Available at   Amazon UK
Liam O'Kane - Angel Voices 2
Angel Voices 2 (MCI  MCCD 259, CD) August 1996
Featuring Daren Geraghty   Libera / Angel Voices   Chris Baron   Liam O'Kane  
  1.   The Lord's My Shepherd (L)   Soloist: Chris Baron
  2.   Pie Jesu (Faure Requiem) (L)  
  3.   All Things Bright and Beautiful (Rutter) (L)  
  4.   Amazing Grace (L)  
  5.   Nunc Dimittis (L)   Soloist: Daren Geraghty
  6.   Onward Christian Soldiers (L)  
  7.   Evening Falls (L)   Soloist: Daren Geraghty
  8.   O Holy Night (L)  
  9.   Bright Eyes (L)  
10.   Close Every Door to Me (L)   Soloist: Liam O'Kane
11.   Praise My Soul (The King of Heaven) (L)  
12.   Abide With Me (L)  
13.   Jerusalem (L)  
14.   I Vow To Thee My Country (L)  
15.   All Through the Night (L)  
16.   You are the New Day (L)  
17.   Bailero (L)   Soloist: Chris Baron
18.   Jesus Bids Us Shine / Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam (L)   Soloist: Daren Geraghty
19.   Light the Candles Round the World (L)   Soloist: Daren Geraghty
20.   Gaudete (L)   Soloist: Daren Geraghty
Available at   Amazon UK
Recordings after Voice Change / Recordings as an Adult Compact | Full
Featuring Liam O'Kane (non-treble)  
  3.   PLEASE DON'T  
  4.   GET IT RIGHT  
  5.   TAXI MAN  
  6.   1 IDEA  
  8.   LAST TRAIN  
10.   NO ONE THERE  
Liam O'Kane - Jimmy the Squirrel
Jimmy the Squirrel (Do the Dog Music 7314, CD) Oktober 2008
Featuring Liam O'Kane (non-treble)  
This 5 piece Nottingham crew kick out a raw & rootsy, stripped down ska/reggae vibe in the vein of Bedouin Soundclash, Chris Murray & King Blues. Their highly infectious debut 4 song CD EP boasts heartfelt, soulful vocal harmonies underpinned by old school keyboard melodies & spaghetti westernesque guitar licks
  1.   This One's For You  
  2.   Music We Throw  
  3.   Two Too Many  
  4.   Seat Up High  
Available at   Punker Mentality
Available at   Rockers Revolt
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