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  Leandro   [Leandro Moldes]    (b. 26 Mai 1986) Pop Soloist 
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Leandro Leandro was born in Spain, but now lives in Germany with his family. Sadly, he seems to have slipped out of the music profession almost unnoticed.

At the age of 14 he recorded the video of his most well known track, 'Girl' in Cape Town, South Africa. This video was a great success and has been shown on many mainstream Television channels across the world. Leandro was also invited to do numerous Television interviews in many countries. He has also co-hosted many Television shows, and once worked with another Teen Artist, Jonas Schumann. 

Leandro boasts about being able to speak 7 different languages fluently. He attributes this to having parents of different European Countries, as well as having lived in several other countries.   
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This page is dedicated to the sympathetic singer with a great voice and charisma of the Switzerland, who is unfortunately no longer present in the public for many years.
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Featured Recordings Compact | Full
Leandro - Leandro
Leandro (Hansa (BMG) , CD) April 2000
Featuring Leandro  
  1.   Girl (L)  
  2.   Close To You  
  3.   What Will I Become (L)  
  4.   You Are Like Music  
  5.   Good Times of Your Life  
  6.   I Adore Mi Amor  
  7.   Explain This World To Me (L)  
  8.   Love Letters  
  9.   Do What You Like  
10.   Smile  
11.   Wanna Hold Your Hand  
12.   L.O.V.E  
13.   If Only You Where Here  
14.   Too Shy  
15.   Good Day  
16.   You Must Not Be Sorry  
Available at   Amazon Germany
Singles Compact | Full
Leandro - Girl
Girl (Hansa (BMG) , CD Single) 2000
Featuring Leandro  
  1.   Girl [Radio/Video]  
  2.   Girl [U.S. Version]  
  3.   Girl [Club-Mix]  
  4.   Girl [House-Mix]  
  5.   Girl [Instrumental]  
  6.   Girl [Just for you]  
Available at   Amazon Germany
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