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  Shepherd's Pipe Carol [Johon Rutter]

Going through the hills on a night all starry

On the way to Bethlehem,

Far away I heard a shepherd piping

On the way to Bethlehem.


Angels in the sky brought this message nigh :

« Dance and sing for joy that Christ the newborn King

is come to bring us peace on earth,

and he’s lying cradled there at Bethlehem. »


« Tell me, shepherd boy piping tunes so merrily

On the way to Bethlehem,

Who will hear your tunes on these hills so lonely

On the way to Bethlehem?


« None may hear my pipes on these hills so lonely

On the way to Bethlehem;

But a King will hear me play sweet lullabies

When I get to Bethlehem. »


Angels in the sky came down from on high,

Hovered over the manger where the babe was lying

cradled in the arms of his mother Mary,

sleeping now at Bethlehem.


« Where is this new King, shepherd boy piping merrily,

Is he there at Betlhelem? »

« I will find him soon by the star shining brightly

In the sky over Bethlehem. »


« May I come with you, shepherd boy piping merrily,

Come with you to Bethlehem?

Pay my homage too at the new King’s cradle,

Is it far to Bethlehem? »


(John Rutter)

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